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The Best Accessories To Couple With Your iPhone

If you’ve come down on the side of Apple when it comes to the enduring war of iPhone versus Android, then you might be weighing up your options in terms of accessories. After all, our smartphones aren’t just simply a means to check Facebook or call our mothers, they’re now a device to remotely control our lives. We use them to guide us through cities we’ve never visited, book appointments and play music. Depending on your lifestyle, what you buy to accompany your iPhone may vary.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a God-send for anyone who likes to enjoy their Spotify Premium account or listen to podcasts around the house. Now that we can broadcast to just about anything with a bluetooth connection, the possibilities are endless with how we use our iPhones. If you are looking to invest in a bluetooth speaker for your work or personal life then Ultimate Ears, or UE, seem to consistently come out on top in terms of quality. Otherwise, JBL also offer some nifty little speakers which are ideal for bringing on holiday with you, or on remote locations. 

Glass and phone protector

Is there anything worse than seeing a pristine new phone tumble to the floor? Screen repairs can be incredibly expensive and so a glass and phone protector are always a must. Opting for quality rather than cheapness is always preferable, as some of the thriftier alternatives are nothing more than a sheet of sticky plastic. Bodyguardz offer screen and phone protectors for multiple iPhone models, so it’s just a case of taking your pick. 

Stand and charger

If you work with your iPhone at your side, then having a stand for it could be incredibly useful. Moreover, a stand that simultaneously charges it could be invaluable. Logitech’s charger is just one example of a double-use accessory that could be handy for those who need their iPhone for business purposes. You can see notifications pop up as and when they come in, but without draining your phone battery throughout the day. 

Stand and grip

If you’ve ever wondered what the little handles that protrude out of some people’s smartphones are then guessed no more: they are stands and grips. They provide useful support when holding your phone, but also for propping it up when you watch videos. If you spend business trips watching videos on the train or prefer to leave it horizontal on a surface while you’re showing someone a feature on your phone then this is the perfect nifty little accessory. There are plenty of brands, but some, such as the PopSocket variety, have been very well-reviewed. 

Of course, when it comes to accessories for the iPhone, the ultimate useful piece of tech is the lightning cable; especially when we’re low on charge. However, these nifty extras will not only make your life easier, but also prevent your phone from coming to harm. When it comes to stands, it really does depend on when and where you most often use your phone; a stand for inside your car might be more useful to you than one that props it up on a table. 

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