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Best Solar Powered Motion Lights for Budget-Friendly Sustainability in 2020 

Best Solar Powered Motion Lights for Budget-Friendly Sustainability in 2020 

As eco-conscious human beings, we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Meanwhile, many struggle to find a way to do that while still staying friendly to their budget. Electricity is an area of our daily life that causes the most negative impact on our world for its high use of fossil fuels. This is leading many to look into options such as solar electricity for sourcing their lighting devices. If you’re looking for the best solar powered motion lights for a budget-friendly and sustainable way to brighten your backyard, we have your answer. 

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Solar Power for the Future

Harnessing the sun for use in electricity has grown in popularity as a viable form of renewable and clean energy. Solar power is safe for the environment since it’s pollution-free and reduces the dependence on foreign oil and harmful fossil fuels. Not only is solar power eco-friendly but it is budget-friendly as well. How much cheaper can you get than taking advantage of the free sun rays that shine down on your home every day? Solar power can be harnessed by roof panels on your home or even in solar garden lights in your backyard.

However, the process of converting to solar power isn’t cheap.

That is, until you discover the solution.

Best Solar Powered Motion Lights in 2020

Installing solar lighting around your home is a smart choice for homeowners for its budget and environmentally-friendly characteristics. Solite™ has introduced its high power 100 Led Solar Power Motion Light for the optimal solution.  

These devices are completely powered by the sun for an efficient lighting solution using 100% renewable energy. With at least eight hours in direct sunlight, the battery will fully charge to provide more than eight hours of prolonged light. Since they are also completely wireless you can choose to install them anywhere that has a flat surface. 

Best Solar Powered Motion Lights for Budget-Friendly Sustainability in 2020 

Energy-Saving Lighting Solution

The Solite™ light solution has three different modes for optimal energy-saving power. The light can be changed from always-on, half brightness, and sensor mode depending on your housing needs. With movement, the light will power on for only 15 seconds for increased efficiency. So in that case, there are no more worries about lights that stay on and slowly drain your energy bill.

This makes these lights not only environmentally friendly but also easier on your budget. When you’re not shelling out money each month to pay for lights that stay on for much longer than you ever needed, your wallet remains happier as well. Those who have switched to high power solar lights such as these have reported savings of up to $300 a year!

Talk about looking onto a brighter future.

Brighter Illumination for Safety

Many fear that with light powered by the sun, it won’t match the power of traditional lamps. However, with 100 LED sources featuring more than 1200 lumens, the Solite™ lights provide a brighter and more powerful lighting option to match your home needs.

This solar powered motion light features a 270° wider illumination angle to cover the widest area of unlit space. PIR technology is more sensitive where it can pick up motion within 3-5 meters. This means that with the quick response of these lights, you will never be left stumbling around the dark ever again.

Unmatched Durability

When you are looking for an outdoor lighting solution, you need a product that can hold up against the harmful outside elements. The best solar powered motion lights in the market will do nothing short of this. The IP65 waterproof and dust-proof functionality promises that these lights will continue to stay just as bright in the wind and snow as they will on a beautiful, sunny day.

Other Solar Powered Light Options Just Can’t Compare

The other solar powered light alternatives on the market just don’t even come close to the efficiency and durability of Solute™ products. Many solar garden lights require continued maintenance to remove dust and debris so as not to block the sunlight that they need to function. These can also be fragile in the case of heavy wind or rainstorms. Even worse, many only store enough power to stay on for a few hours after nightfall. 

What’s the point of lights that aren’t on when you need them most?

Smartest Choice in Solar Garden Lights

While these lights are ideal for lighting up your backyard, Solite™ devices can be used both indoor and outdoor to meet all your illumination needs. Install Solite™ solar powered motion lights outside around your home just as easily as you can install them along an indoor stairway.

This multi-purpose product offers economical and eco-friendly options for the best solar powered motion lights on the market. Whether you’re looking to light up the path around your garden or save your family from missing a couple of steps when taking the stairs at nighttime, there’s no choice more environmentally friendly than Solite™ solar powered motion lights!

Best Solar Powered Motion Lights for Budget-Friendly Sustainability in 2020 

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