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Browser on Apple Watch is horrible like anything

Smart watches and wearables are the new rising gadgets that have found multifarious applications in our life. out of the many smart wears, that are lurking around us, Apple Watch is the most expensive and grand among all. In general we have seen that wearable gadgets mainly focus on health related issues and some basic internet operations like Mail checking, WhatsApp, checking Facebook Notifications and some other useful features like making a phone call, reading and sending SMSes etc. Out of all these functions, web browsing appears to be a bit difficult.

Browser on Apple Watch is horrible like anything

While Apple did not include a web browser in its Apple Watch, iOS jailbreaker Comex has managed to install a web browser which is nothing but a very low standard web browser of iOS 8.2. The user interface in a 42 mm screen is a bit different but it has failed to impress users miserably.

Right now there are some provisions for standalone apps as extension of iPhone Apps. If reports are to be believed, Apple Watch stand alone apps will roll out by the end of this year.

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