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Why Businesses Prefer VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is one of the most commonly used services by corporations across the world. The main question is: Why not a dedicated web hosting service or a shared web hosting service? Today, we will look at this question and see why VPS is preferred over other hosting services.

First, let us look at dedicated hosting services. As the name suggests, this type of hosting is where the service provider reserves an entire server for a particular client. So when is this type of facility helpful? This facility is helpful for banks, e-commerce websites, large corporations etc. These organizations have a lot of data to maintain on their website. At the same time, they cannot afford a plan that restricts their bandwidth and stability. Hence, they take the dedicated hosting services instead of the VPS hosting services. This service also provides them the highest level of security for their data from viruses and hackers.

If dedicated hosting services are at one end of the spectrum, shared hosting services are at the other end. We have already seen how large companies need loads of space and security. But what about the bloggers and the small to medium online retailers? Well, that is where shared hosting services come in. So why do some people prefer shared hosting over VPS hosting services? The reason is cost. As the name suggests, in this type of hosting, all the resources are shared. This means that the amount of space and bandwidth provided is much lower than in any other type of hosting. This automatically translates into lower costs.

However, if you look at companies around the world, you will notice that the common method of hosting is VPS hosting. Let us look at a few reasons for this.

  • A shared resource without space constraints

Yes, VPS is a type of shared hosting. However, unlike shared hosting, there is no constraint when it comes to space. Companies can install a Windows-based or Linux-based operating system and operate the shared server like a dedicated server.

  • Security levels similar to dedicated hosting

Another reason for the popularity of VPS is that companies need not worry about the security level employed. Hosting services ensure that the level of security employed is comparable to the dedicated hosting services offered by them.

  • Freedom to assign space to their employees

We have already seen how space is not a constraint. This helps companies assign each employee a dedicated space to store their information with ease. This also means that companies have full access to their assigned server space and can easily set permissions and restrictions as per their need.

  • Server management and updates are handled by the provider

When it comes to VPS hosting, the service provider ensures that they keep the server updated and manage all the technical issues connected to the server. This means that companies do not have to spend extra on a dedicated server management team.

Which hosting service does your company use? Leave your comments and tell us.

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