Chrome Beta now marks HTTP websites with password and credit card fields as ‘Not secure’

Google launched Chrome browser build 55 last week amd the version introduced a number of security features. The Chrome 55 blocked Flash Players on most websites and emerged to be a more stable version. Now a newer build has arrived which further leverages the security measures. It includes some safety measures for plain HTTl sites which contain passwords and also for credit card fields.

google chrome

The two above mentioned security measires that have been integrated with Chrome 56 are immesnely important. While browsing, many users are not aware of the risks while entering sensitive information over non-HTTPS connections. Hence a security measure has been included that marks HTTP sites with passwords fields and credit card fields as not secure. The password and credit-card fields will be shown as “Not secure” in the address bar . Mozilla Firefox is also following the same path by including specific flags. As of now only few websites are inclided in this new change. Later on Google will apply the change for every other websites.

Another important enhancement that has been incorporated in the latest beta versiom of Chrome is the support for Web Bluetooth API, that would allow developers to create webpages which can connect to Bluetooth devices using a bit of JavaScript code.

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