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Computer v/s Companion: Who Understands You Better?

According to a Research done by Scientists of Stanford University in California and the University of Cambridge a computer can understand you better than any other human being , sometimes even better than yourself. The research published in PNAS took 86200 volunteer that answered about 100 questions related to Personality traits. These answers were used to calculate the human understanding quotient towards another known human. Similarly, to calculate how much a machine’s understanding quotient, digital footprint of a user was determined (By counting fb likes etc.) . The score of humans and machine was compared and astonishingly a machine exhibited more understanding skills than humans did.

Computer v/s Companion: Who Understands You Better?

With the advancement of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence, machines have developed better judgmental skills and more inference making power. Thus machine’s understanding towards a particular human’s behavior was more accurate than that of human’s friends or spouse. The research proved that, “Peoples personality can be predicted without social cognitive skills.”

This research can be used in the areas of Psychology, marketing and many more. It can also help in matrimonial match making, suitable job hunting etc. But beware as it may be used to violate someone’s privacy. Still when it comes to proper psychological analysis many aspects are involved and machine learning is not that developed as of now. So keep calm and keep surfing.

Mallika Bakshi
Mallika Bakshi works as a Software Engineer and she loves to write about latest Tech news and updates.

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