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Crash Override Network

Crash Override Network: fight against Online Harassment

With fast growing social networks, there are so many victims for online crimes and abasement. Crash Override Network which is co-founded by Lifschitz and Quinn is one of the efforts to provide support to those suffering from online harassment. It’s not the first of its kind; organizations like Stay Safe Online and Working to Halt Online Abuse have long labored to cultivate a safer internet. But Crash Override is trying to offer a little more explains Lifschitz, “One of the big things that separate our network from others is that we like to say it’s ‘for survivors by survivors.’

Crash Override Network

Crash Override Network, an “online anti-harassment task force” is run by volunteers who faced online abuse and have experience in relevant areas, including IT security, white hat hacking, counseling and law enforcement which offers counseling to victims and proactively warns potential targets of abuse. Its goal is to provide a support network for victims of SWATTing, doxxing and other maliciousness both preventative and reactive.

Quinn, in particular, is what many would consider a survivor of online harassment. About six months ago, an ex-partner of hers published a series of vitriolic blog posts alleging sexual infidelities. The diatribe, overflowing with screen capped Facebook conversations, was the catalyst for an avalanche of personal attacks from readers who believed that Quinn had slept with a journalist to secure positive coverage for her game. According to Quinn, some of these situations can be safely waited out. However, a huge portion requires active monitoring and safety measures to be taken on the part of the victim. “What we try to offer people is some best practices, advice and just lending an ear if they’d like to talk because very few people understand what it means to go through this kind of harassment.”

“There’s a massive cultural issue where people sort of think that the internet is this magic alternate dimension where your actions don’t matter. When really, it’s sort of like tech needs to have its Soylent Green moment and go, ‘The internets is people!'”,
– Quinn, co-founder Crash Override Network

Crash Override Network provides supports to its victims by well-established, humane and transparent channels to disempower abuse and reduce the ability abusers have to perpetuate it and this method have worked, according to one person who used its services during a trial run and posted a positive comment to Twitter about his experience. Educating the public about the dangers of online harassment is only part of what Crash Override does. The organization has started new approach called “coordinated online mob harassment,” where people based on their experiences assist others who are facing same issues!! Although the organization started on small scale, it has been huge success among the victims as so many people are appreciating the service.

“Thank you for being there.’ It also takes a bit of a personal toll, but it’s something that we know we’re in for the long haul, and we’ve always been prepared for that.”
– Message to Lifschitz from one of many victims

As The Mary Sue reports, Crash Override Network offers its services for free and is being funded by Quinn and Lifschitz, according to a tweet from the organization. If you’d like to get involved with Crash Override or have been the victim of online harassment, you can learn more at the organization’s website.
In the past month we have prevented several potentially deadly SWATings and secured more people against hacking and doxxing attempts.

Crash Override (@CrashOverrideNW) January 17, 2015
We hope to continue to help those who unfortunately find themselves targeted and unsure of where to find help.
– Crash Override (@CrashOverrideNW) January 17, 2015

8chan doxed me this week, and @CrashOverrideNW gave me advice and support through that. They’re good people who know their shit.
– Andrew Todd (@mistertodd) January 17, 2015

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