GuestMode Creates A Guest Account On Your iPhone

Creates A Guest Account On Your iPhone with GuestMode

The Kids Zone feature in Windows Phone 8 has surely displayed that there is plenty of options in the market for mobile platforms that provide numerous user accounts, just as the desktop devices. On many instances, it might seem a bit rough to reject offering some person your smartphone, but it looks even more rough to invariably try and have a look on what they are actually performing on it. The lone method of giving your mind some relaxation in such scenarios would be possible via the making of a guest account of your choice on your device. For iOS, we have formerly covered a tweak which goes by the name of iPrivacy, which allows you to restrict access to the apps present on your iPhone. GuestMode is a fresh tweak for iOS 7 that is founded on the same notion, but is much more non-rational in terms of space usage. You won’t be bewildered by a countless amount of configuration choices while attempting to set it up, and the entire thing is all set to jump into action just after you select the apps and features that you consider as safe for the browsing of strangers.

GuestMode Settings

GuestMode provides numerous procedures to switch on the substitute user account. Maximum of these methods are founded on signs, which is why the tweak is hooked on Activator. Few of the methods GuestMode can be started are swiping across the passcode entry screen , by including a devoted button to the lock screen for this tweak, or allotting an Activator motion to it. To block all the boundaries with respect to privacy, the tweak allows you give a password on GuestMode.

In addition to restricting access to apps, GuestMode can be utilized to choose some other perquisites also. It is possible to restrict access to the Notification Center, App Switcher, Newsstand and Spotlight search. To be even much more exhaustive, GuestMode permits users to block functionalities like killing apps, seeing the address book from the dialler section, and Control Center shortcuts and much more.

GuestMode Permissions

All of these features have toggle options of their own in the GuestMode menu that is included to the Settings application. To choose the apps that should persist to be accessible in GuestMode, just go through the ‘Enabled Apps’ section that enlists both system and third-party apps.

GuestMode Apps

GuestMode does not confuses the icon arrangement on your Springboard. The tweak simply disables the icons and folders that really can’t be browsed in GuestMode, and tapping them does not eventually make any visible change. To come out of GuestMode, just lock your device, and then unlock it the general manner.

GuestMode CC

GuestMode is totally simpatico with iOS 7, which costs your pocket just $0.99 and is available in the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store.

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