CameraTweak 2 Adds Gestures, Timer, Resolution Control & More To iOS 7 Camera App

CameraTweak 2 Adds Gestures, Timer, Resolution Control & More To iOS 7 Camera App

If you happen to be a die-hard fan of some third-party Camera application for iPhone, you might not be having the feel of possessing CameraTweak too much just after upgrading to iOS 7. Any individual who has formerly has had tried the tweak in the recent past, nevertheless, is rest assured to be enchanted by the words that CameraTweak 2 has recently been launched for iOS 7. The upgraded edition of the tweak not only arrives with compatibility with the newest edition of the iOS version; it also provides a totally new graphical interface and some new tricks to enjoy the additional camera characteristics. CameraTweak 2 functions in both photo and video modes, with some alternatives like White Balance Lock, a time lapse mode and much more included to the package. To make CameraTweak 2 extremely easy to use and unnoticeable, the developer has added on some gestures to it, which ascertain that the included buttons don’t come in between with general camera functions.

CameraTweak 2 settings

When you start off the Camera application for the very first time after the tweak’s installation is complete, a vivified figure comes up on the finder, showing you the procedure to ignore and fire up the extra buttons. You merely just have to swipe vertically on the screen to toggle on the visibility of these hidden buttons. The directions with regard to these gestures are also placed inside the CameraTweak 2 Settings menu. Some others alternatives in this menu are toggles to hold back your settings backed up to the Camera app, and altering the way ‘Advanced mode’ functions.

CameraTweak 2 Timer

In Advanced mode, users can click the screen to alter the exposure lock’s position. The second button available in the bar included by the tweak allows you to start off a time-lapse mode, where you merely have to select a delay period and click the capture button just before the Camera can start off its work. The countdown timer is really good in times for capturing selfies. In both ways, the dial to alter the time span has a pretty crystal clear planning. You have to rotate your finger all around the dial to alter its preferences. The white balance mode has to be summoned into action by using the last button in the CameraTweak 2 menu bar.

CameraTweak Resolution

To alter the resolution of the picture just you capture it, hit the button just beside to the shutter as shown above. The resolutions that are available vary from 144p to 2448p, with a small textual info against every alternative to account for the intention for which the resolution is predominately utilized. In video mode, the resolution option is kept company by a button to alter the FPS value of your camera. White Balance Lock also works whilst you capture videos. If you want to capture still shots while shooting a video, hit the camera icon in the CameraTweak 2 menu bar.

CameraTweak Video mode

CameraTweak 2 costs merely $0.99 to your pocket if you are an existent customer of the tweak’s former version, but any person who is fresh to CameraTweak has to pay off $1.49 to properly utilize it. If CameraTweak 2 seems like a package that will better your iOS 7 experience, simply give it a try by going to the BigBoss repo of the jailbreak store.

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