DearMob iPhone Manager Review and Giveaway


What Are The Possible Backup Methods in iOS Devices?

There are two media of backing up data in iOS device, one is the iTunes and the other one is iCloud. iOS users are well aware of iTunes and iCloud. iTunes is the media player and mobile device management system developed by Apple for its iOS platform, that can backup your iOS data on a local level. This means, you can backup your data to your desktop, Macbook, Mac, etc. On the other hand, iCloud backs up data to the Apple cloud.

Why Do We Need A Software Like DearMob iPhone Manager?

Even though iTunes and iCloud are the official backup media for iOS, but these two services often malfunction leading to permanent data loss.

iCloud: iChoud is undoubtedly the better alternative to iTunes because unlike iTunes, it backs up data to Apple’s cloud server which are regularly maintained by Apple. So, there is a less chance of data loss. But the shortcoming of iCloud is that it being a cloud service, can get attacked by data debacles. Check the solutions to fix iCloud for Windows 10 not working.

iTunes: Now coming to iTunes, which is our main focus here, iTunes suffer several loopholes. iTunes is a bit complicated for most of the users.  The user interface is frankly not user friendly. Besides, the software is dependent on your computer. These means a crash in your computer or low storage space can ruin you.

Why DearMob iPhone Manager Is The Best Alternative To iTunes?

We have addressed the issues caused by iTunes. A robust, user friendly app, that can backup iPhone without iTunes is the DearMob iPhone Manager. The software is capable of backing up data, transferring iOS data without iTunes. It can also perform other important functions such as DRM removal, selective data transfer, manage iOS data. The salient features of DearMob iPhone Manager are as follows:

1. It can flawlessly backup iPhone iPad data on Mac or Windows, in any situation of data loss.

2.  It is independent of Apple service, which implies, DearMob can backup iPhone without iTunes and can also perform selective backup.

3. It can remove DRM and other restrictions from the iOS device. It can convert files to a more convenient and compatible format, such as HEIC to JPG, EPUB to PDF/DOC/TXT, contact/messages to PDF/DOC/TXT, etc.

4. It enables you to encrypt your file/folder from local or iOS exported photo, video, contacts, to maintain integrity and privacy.

5. It enables one click data transfer and is super-fast, taking about 8 seconds transfer 100 4K photos in original quality.

How to Use DearMob iPhone Manager For Windows?

Using DearMob iPhone Manager to transfer iPhone date without iTunes is extremely easy.

1. Download DearMob iPhone Manager application. It works for both Windows and Mac. Install the app and continue.

2. Next, connect your iPhone with your Windows PC using USB cable. Choose the relevant option to trust the computer on your iPhone.

3. Launch the DearMob iPhone Manager application, choose “Backup” and select “Backup Now”. This will initiate Backup Now.

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Free License Giveaway Of DearMob iPhone Manager

The developer is holding a special giveaway offer for all iPhone iPad users. You can get a full version license absolutely free. In the giveaway page, you can also learn more tips like how to selectively backup iPhone without iTunes, backup iPhone music, contacts, photo, video, etc.

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