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Derby’s new life after getting 3D printed prosthetics

This is a wonderful story of a dog named Derby who was born with deformed front limbs. He was not able to run or least walk properly. The dog was rescued by Peace and Paws Rescue shelter. Derby was adopted by Tara Anderson, the Director of 3D systems who genuinely felt the need to make his life better. There came the idea of a 3D printed prosthetics for Derby which would let him run. Tara provided him initially with a cart which, though helped him run but limited his abilities in other ways.

Derby's new life after getting 3D-printed prosthethics

The engineers and scientists at 3D systems started creating organic digital images of Derby’s paws and started making solid designs accordingly. Derrick Campana, Orthologist stored a large number of images for Derby’s forelimbs which could be printed whenever required without the need for hand sculpting single parts for a number of times.The 3D printed prosthetics or paws for Derby finally gave him the ability to run with an overwhelming happiness. The dog started running and jumping as soon as he was fitted with the paw and he can now lead his life like any other healthy normal dog. Check out the original video below:

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2 thoughts on “Derby’s new life after getting 3D printed prosthetics

  1. The dog are the best friend of man. Derby ‘s leg corrected by 3D printed prosthetics

    which give him a new life and it create a hope in disable people and make their life easier.

  2. 3D printed prosthetics for Derby makes her life beautiful. It is very happy to see that her charming while moves on. So, i really thank to the technology which assured her life blessed.

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