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How To Disable Face ID From The Lock Screen In iOS 11?

Face ID is the latest biometric authentication feature introduced by Apple in its upcoming iPhone X. The new iPhone X will deploy facial recognition technology named as Face ID to unlock the iPhone. When you look into the phone, the phone recognizes your (owner) face and the phone gets unlocked automatically. Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller made the announcement at an event in Cupertino (company HQ), California. He said that Face ID technology is “the future of how we unlock your phone and protect your information,” Schiller said.

Touch ID is now a common biometric verification procedure which has a loophole that anyone can make your finger touch the touch panel and unlock the phone while you are sleeping. So many users opt for passcode rather than Touch ID. Now that the more secured method of verification has come up, users are concerned with the hacks that may come up. Like you aren’t letting your kid use your new iPhone X, he just picks up the phone and point it towards your face and unlocks it. So, the risk is always there.

face ID

Hence Apple has integrated an easy way to disable the Face ID verification method. Here we shall give an account of the method to disable Face ID. There are basically two methods- the power button method and the down-volume+power button method.

Power Button

1.By this method, you have to press the power button five times consecutively. This will disable the Touch ID as well as the Face ID.

2. If you want to re-enable the authentications, you have to enter your passcode. The Face ID is only available in iPhone X as of now.

Press Volume Down And Power Button

This process is a bit faster and easier, compared to the previous one.
To disable the Face ID, you have to press Volume Down + Power Button at the same time, it will disable Face ID.

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