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Dominos Tweet-to-order service: Order pizza with Pizza emojis

This May 20, 2015 will see an all new way of ordering pizza. Just tweet it. Yes, ordering Dominos pizza will be easier than before with the Tweet-to-order service. Gone are the days when you had only one option to order pizza, that’s call at the restaurant and end up creating a lot of confusion. But a better option was made available soon which was ordering pizza online. Till now this is the safest and most convenient method of ordering pizza. But now it has become one step easier.


The new Tweet-to-order system will help internet users to order their favorite pizzas by using Twitter. Users will have to need to link their Twitter account with their Dominos account. Then whenever, the users will need to order pizza, they will have to follow any one of the two simple steps. They can either tweet from their Tweeter app or Tweeter account by using the #EasyOrder or simply Tweet some Pizza emojis from their account. The guys at Dominos will then confirm your order via DM, and a pizza will arrive to your home after a telephonic confirmation. Cool isn’t it. Why wait in a queue. Use to Tweet-to-order feature and let us know your experience in comments.

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