Driving Apps You Need Right Now

Being a driver is now easier than ever before. All you need is the right skills to manage your vehicle and synch with other drivers, and the rest can be done, or at least controlled, by various apps and software. If you wonder what you can download to make your motorized life easier, here are some examples of highly recommended apps:

  1. Aceable. This is the perfect choice for a start as it has some fantastic ways of teaching you how to drive and how to behave in different situations. Of course, the target audience is primarily people who are learning to get their driver’s licenses, but you can also use it to improve or refresh some skills and information.
  2. FixdApp. Do you find notifications like p0010 code too mysterious and impossible to understand? Do you want to know what’s wrong with your car, why it’s making such a bizarre noise? Or maybe you need to check if your mechanic is being honest? If yes, then this is an app for you. It will scan your car looking for potential problems and suggesting solutions. 
  3. GasBuddy. This app has the biggest available database of gas stations, and it’s regularly updated (mostly by its users so the information really is up to date and accurate). With its help, you will never find yourself blindly looking for a place to get gas. What’s more, you’ll be able to get the best possible price. 
  4. PlugShare. This is the app number one for you if you own an electric car. If that’s the case, then you probably already know how hard it can be to find an available charging station. Plugshare provides you with a map of charging stations across the U.S., it’s simple and always up to date, and you can see if the changing station close to you has any free spots.

To know more about how to deal with a car and car troubles, check out this infographic:

Driving Apps You Need Right Now
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