Dropbox cover story
Dropbox cover story

Dropbox hired Computer Vision experts to mine Dropbox’s photos

For the purpose of storing and organizing your pictures and also for making them useful Dropbox hired the founders of Kriegman-Belhumeur Vision Technology (KBVT). The need arose due to millions of people storing their precious memories is going up at such a pace that the necessity of organizing and trying to make sense out of all the memories has cropped up. And if done, this will make Dropbox stand out in the crowd in this field.

Dropbox hired Computer Vision experts to mine Dropbox's photos

Both the guys are apt for this purpose. While Belhumeur is an expertise in face recognition, computer vision and machine learning for visual recognition; his counterpart Kreigman’s domain lies around robotics, computer graphics, face and object recognition and is currently researching on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.

With the combined effort of their expertise, Dropbox could perform a scan on all the pictures and tag them with the data about what is in them through the technology of face and object recognition. Accordingly, it Dropbox can customize your account by organizing pictures on the basis of location, theme and time. So all the pictures having the same tag can all be placed together.

The duo has to undergo a strenuous job as there plenty of photos to mine with the service being used by 300 million people and more.

Source: Tech Crunch

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