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Dutch Watchdog asks Facebook to postpone its new policy

Yesterday we posted an article on how The Dutch Watchdog has admonished Google with a fine of $ 18.6m for privacy breach. Now it’s time for Facebook. Recently whenever we are logging in Facebook we are getting notifications regarding new changes in policy of Facebook. The notification says that this change in Policy will be in effect from January 1, 2015. Well we are not concerned about what changes will be brought but the Dutch watchdog are. They have imposed strict restrictions on the new policy and has asked Facebook to postpone it at a later date.

Dutch Watchdog asks Facebook to postpone its new policy

Dutch Watchdog said that the new policy says that Facebook will have the right to use the photos and other data of the users for advertising purpose in its other business domains like WhatsApp and Instagram. Similarly the company will use the photos and data of users for these services for advertisement in Facebook as well. This conditions have been restricted by the Dutch watchdog as they feel that users generally do not read the endless list of Terms and Conditions. So putting such conditions within this will become deleterious for the users. A Dutch Watchdog CBP also said, “Permission from the users will play an important role, … and permission for the use of personal data cannot be achieved by have a user just accept a long list of general conditions.”

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