Facebook Privacy Concerns: Are They Valid?

Facebook is a huge social networking site which is used by at least 50 % of the entire population. Though Facebook has a lot of positive aspects with respect to sharing, liking, commenting and marketing of products among the general public, it also has privacy concerns.

 When it comes to answering whether the privacy concerns are valid, yes they are because not every user likes to expose themselves publicly. They are as important as expertly designed unified messaging. For example, when Facebook started timeline, the settings for the timeline view could not be privatized. It is also noted that a majority of people have left Facebook due to these privacy concerns, or so it seems.

<h2>Facebook issues

 Another issue that has cropped up with Facebook is its treatment of the users and the misuse of the online privacy, child safety as well as hate speeches. Many companies have removed their advertising contents as a result of finding them on controversial pages. There have also been censorship issues in this site. The dwelling of controversial topics on Facebook is also another major criticism.


Exposure to accounts

 In 2012 Facebook is known to widen the exposure of member’s information where anyone could easily get access to the information that is saved on Facebook. This also lets unknown parties download pictures without the users knowing it. Whenever a user clicks on a like button this information automatically goes to an external site.


Search privacy

 Another privacy concern is the searching of an individual on Facebook by means of their gender, age and status. Even though the person chooses to block the application, it somehow gets leaked to the public through the friends. Any page that has been liked by the person gives away information about them. In a way there is no privacy in Facebook.


The mini feed and the news feed

Facebook also removed the privacy that was set on the news feed and the mini feed. This in turn caused some group of people abuse another set of people by posting whatever they liked. After a certain period of time, the settings were made for these feeds where users could control their privacy.

Settings are therefore important as part of Facebook. Facebook has a lot of utilities and applications with game requests which can sometimes annoy potential users. Facebook privacy concerns in the end of the day, is a way to take care of the users security and their privacy which is not too exposed. When a person’s details are not fully exposed, only then is the person safe from the stalking that happens on Facebook.

At the end of the day, maintaining the privacy of the users is one of the main concerns. We all know that facebook has contributed a lot when it comes to helping people connect and communicate effectively. But privacy is always the first important thing that every user looks for. This allows users to use Facebook without being stalked or their personal details mishandled. Therefore it can be said that a user’s privacy concern is a valid point of view.

Maegan Pulman is a freelance IT consultant and technology enthusiast. She is active in local and international IT events and is always on the lookout for the latest industry trends.