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Facebook's internet.org

Facebook’s Internet.org announced solar powered aircraft Aquila

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that as a special research project of internet.org, Facebook is ready with a solar power unmanned spacecraft named Aquila. The main motto of this project is to launch the spacecraft in the sky so that it can provide internet connectivity to remote places. This is an extremely benevolent project which aims to provide internet access to everyone irrespective of their geographical location.

Facebook's Internet.org announced solar powered aircraft Aquila

The speciality of the solar powered aircraft Aquila is that its wing span is greater than that of a Boeing but is surprisingly light weight. The solar power aircrafts will implement LASER technology and it promises to provide a potential solution to internet accessibility problem. The internet distribution is not uniform across the globe and as, we see, while one area has Google fibre, some other parts of the world do not have access to internet at all. So the main motive of the internet.org effort is to mitigate this difference as much as possible.

The light weight long span wings will aid the aircraft to fly at an approximate altitude of 60,000 feet. The network will consist of a base station, a mother aircraft and many more daughter aircrafts. The base station will feed signal to the mother aircraft which will then transmit it to other aircrafts in the constellation. These aircrafts will fetch internet connectivity to various places through Laser operation. Communication using light as a medium is nothing new but the use of Laser will give the communication a great boost in terms of precision. The space crafts fly above the general air traffic altitude and hence will provide seamless connectivity.

Undoubtedly, Aquila is an amazing project of internet.org by Facebook. Aquila challenges to overcome the geographical boundaries and all relevant obstacles and reach out to the apparently unreachable places.

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