Farfaria for iPhone and iPad

Farfaria the best children story collection app available for iOS

Farfaria is a wonderful app for children which contains a huge collection of children story books that can be autoplayed to the readers and small children. The way and style of storytelling is charming. If you want to listen to the stories along with your children, there is Read Me and Autoplay option and if yourself want to read them out there’s also an option. About 600 online story books are available in this app and in addition to this library every week new books are added up.

Farfaria the best children story collection app available for iOS

FarFaria was wonderful features and colorful interface with sufficient graphics pictures to make it lovable to the children. There are four main menu in FarFaria. These are Home, See World, Subscribe and More. When you are in the Home page you can view different criterias of books and listen to the New addition, Fan picks and many more. Next See World opens the broad doorway to the famous stories of the world including stories, poems, songs and classics. There are different genres of games like Bedtime Bluffs, Preschool playground, Jungle Genius, Animal Kingdom, Classics Grove, Loony Lagoon and Sing Along City.

The app is free to download but you need to subscribe in order to get access to unlimited stories. The cost subscription cost is INR 2399.99 per year and INR 239.99 per month. If you do not subscribe you can only read one stort a day. This app is a must download for Android users.

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