Five Exclusivity Agreement Examples for Your Small Company

Exclusivity Agreement Example

In order to survive and stay relevant in the current competitive economy, small companies have to find creative and innovative ways to do so. One surefire way of this is by grasping, both on an employee and organizational level, the ins, and outs of proper paperwork and document drafting.

One of the most important documents that every company should focus on is the exclusivity agreement. According to the dictionary definition, an exclusivity agreement is an arrangement (or contract) drafted between several parties through which the parties involved unanimously agree to purchase merchandise, or various other products, only from the supplier specified in the paperwork.

Because drafting this type of document is not a walk in the park, the purpose of this article to help people draft exclusivity agreements by providing a few relevant, easy to understand examples. Here are five exclusivity agreement examples for your small company.

Basic Tips for The Best Exclusivity Agreements

The hardest aspect of getting exclusivity agreements is verifying whether or not they are legit or in accordance with the current corporate culture. For that, here is a short list of tips that will ease the verification process:

  • Consult with the other parties involved and agree on a particular document template.
  • Use a top quality printer to make the document as easy to read as possible.
  • Remove all brackets before printing and sending the document.
  • Look for any typos, contradictory information or continuity errors.

Now that we have established a few things that you should look out for, let us take a look at some exclusivity agreement templates. There are many options to choose from, but if you want to delve deeper into this subject, make sure to check more samples here, on Templates Assistant. This website specializes in all matters related to document drafting and other subjects related to paperwork, so you will surely find what you are looking for.

Example 1 – Simple Exclusivity Agreement for Submittal

Exclusivity Agreement Example

Featured Image Source: Template Assistant

This first template is a great example on how to keep things neat, simple and transparent. This particular document sample contains an exclusivity agreement between Performix Business Services LLC (which is the vendor) and Mayo Clinic, which is the beneficiary.

The vendor, which represents the first party, has to simply fill its complete name in the upper part of the Agreement Form, the date at which the document is submitted, and sign the document in the reserved bracket. When it comes to Mayo Clinic, which is the second party in our example, their representative has to sign the contract on the reserved space, conveniently located at the bottom of the page.

Example 2 – Exclusive Distribution Agreement Template  

Exclusivity Agreement Example

Source: Template Assistant

If you want a multi-purpose document that fits every possible situation, this template could be just the right thing for you. This is what people call a ‘’fill-in-the-blanks’’ type of paper that can be submitted to any company, regardless of the sector it activates in or its business model and policies.

This template fits every possible business scenario and lists all potential clauses which can usually be found in this type of document. In order to be valid, the fields must be completed correctly, with each party being required to sign it at the bottom part of the last page.

Example 3 – Confidentiality Agreement Template

Similar to the confidentiality and exclusivity agreement contract – which we will present in the next entry of this article -, what sets the confidentiality agreement contract apart from the others is the fact that, in order to become valid, it must be signed by a broker. In this case, the broker works in the interest of both parties and ensures that the final agreement is beneficial to all groups involved.

Example 4 – Simple Exclusivity Agreement

If you want an easy and standard document that can be easily read and filled, using the simple exclusivity agreement template might be the right approach. This particular contract type is evenly divided into seven major parts, each of them elaborating on the rapport between both parties, which in this case are called ‘’beneficiary’’ and ‘’vendor.’’

When it comes to this document’s specificities, in order to be considered valid, the document must be signed by both parties. In our example, the vendor must fill in the company’s name, and his or her position in said company and  their personal name. The same principles apply to the beneficiary (or buyer).

Example 5 – Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement Contract

Another great example of a multi-purpose confidentiality agreement that covers most contractual scenarios is this template. Unlike the simple exclusivity agreement, which is split into seven distinct sections, this particular form contains 20 sections. These sections cover all possible situations from every angle. In order to become valid, both parties are obligated to sign it at the bottom and to provide an official company address.


Drafting an exclusivity agreement, especially if you own a new company with little traction in the business world, is one of the most important things to handle because it has the potential of kickstarting it. Since drafting documents, in general, is not an easy task, hopefully, the templates presented in this article will make the process much easier.

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