Google To Simplify 2 Step Verification Process for Android?

With the increasing risk of hacking and cyber crime, every online service has updated their security system with an added layer of security. The added layer of security deploys the concept of a One Time Password (OTP). We often make payments online, book tickets, create accounts on social media, use email services. On every such occasion, there is a high chance that the integrity of your data is compromised. In that case, it is very much necessary that a new layer of security is imposed on it. The OTP comes to your device, which you have to enter into the search field.

2 step verification

But with increasing security, the complexity of using the system also rises up. It is extremely difficult for a novice user to switch between apps while receiving the OTP on the normal Message app and then copying it to the required application. It becomes incorrigible for new users. Hence Google has resolved to get over this issue and ease the process of authentication.

Google is trying to implement a concept of one-size-fits-all solution. This means the Android operating system will be ameliorated in such a way that any user can accomplish 2 step verification process very easily across any smartphone. Many services right is now venturing through user’s text history and extract the required OTP which is nothing but trespassing without permission. The security code will be communicated through SMS but the process will be linear and will prevent any user from getting confused. What changes will be brought have not yet been revealed. But the process will be unfolded in due course of time.

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