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Five Innovations In Printing Technology That Will Give You A Competitive Advantage

printing technology

In recent years, technology has made great strides and today printers look more like powerful computers. Those that were once exclusive features, today have become standard even on the most common printers and automation has changed everything, simplifying complex processes, reducing waste and increasing productivity thanks to the elimination of many manual operations.

And if you add an effective suite of software tools, the result is a winning combination that prepares printers to face the challenges of the 21st century. The more sophisticated technology has led to increasingly cheap printing costs and this is the reason more and more cheap brochure printing services are on the market.

Let’s take a look at the five features!

1. Top quality images
In a market where customer expectations are constantly growing, the most advanced printing technology offers you excellent results, always. The latest generation of printers provides for the first time an Ultra HD resolution image quality.

The processing at 1200 x 1200 dpi x 10 bits produces results of exceptional clarity, with a sharper and more homogeneous object resolution, and a significantly improved graphics reproduction. A four times higher number of pixels on the page means a better page, without discoloration or degradation. Compact melting rollers provide excellent image quality up to 350 gsm, allowing you to power any type of media, including envelopes.

2. Constant connection

With next-generation printing technology, you are never alone. The printer is connected to the manufacturer, which can analyze the performance in real time and proactively optimize the operation. The intelligent technology automatically adapts the machine parameters in case of problems, solving them at a distance without the need to call for assistance. The meter reading is sent automatically: thanks to automated intelligent alerts, the risk of depletion is completely eliminated. With this level of support and repairable or replaceable components, downtime becomes a thing of the past.

3. Automation of complex workflows

Workflow automation is one of the major innovations of new printers. Intuitive tools offer you intelligent pre-press automation, combined with the automation of the actual print. While creating the workflow, the decision-making process is automatically guided through the available paths. You can preflight and set up a job easily and quickly, often switching from an electronic file to a print-ready format in seconds. You can save complex workflows, turning them into simple, repeatable and profitable processes and you can even automate color management processes, to get the right color the first time, every time.

4. Simplified paper adjustment

Paper adjustment has always been a time-consuming task even for the most experienced operators. But with today’s printers it’s easier than ever. The optical and mechanical sensors guarantee a stable and accurate adjustment along the entire path of the paper, from the tray to the collator. So you can print on media with different weights and finishes, even synthetic ones like linen or felt, guaranteeing the highest level of image quality and optimal support management.

5. Integration of printing with multi-channel marketing

First we mentioned the printer connection functionality, which is only a fraction of what new devices can do. Now in fact printing technology offers you a sea of ​​opportunities, to distinguish yourself from the competition. The web-to-print feature allows you to offer new products and services, simplify the print ordering process, increase productivity and expand the capabilities offered to customers. You can integrate print campaigns to email, web, mobile and video, creating solutions composed of targeted cross-media marketing activities.

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