G Suite Hacks for Writing College Papers

No company in the world seems more invested in making life easier than Google. Google has managed to influence and change the trajectory of life in a number of ways. Currently, the company is still testing the driverless car which it believes will help change travel systems entirely. When it comes to education, the company started making its mark as a decade ago, and since then, major changes have taken place with several improvements as well. Google saw an opportunity and sought to use it to bridge the gap between students and their teachers. The company introduced Google Apps for education which worked well and helped teachers and students share documents and learn in new and efficient ways than before. After this came Hangouts and Google Classroom which helped to showcase how serious Google was.

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However, Google has now rolled out G Suite for Education to further its agenda in education. This tool seeks to showcase how best other Google tools can be combined and be used to help students and teachers learn. Google explains G Suite as “the same set of apps that you know and love – Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.” The idea was to combine all these tools and creatively use their features to further learning. As a writer or if you have been looking for ways to improve your writing, G Suite can be of great help as will be shown later in this article. This tool is revolutionary, and it is no surprise that it has been amassing amazing reviews.

G Suite Hacks for Writing Great College Papers

Anyone can use G Suite for Education, and the change and impact will indeed be remarkable. Essay Kitchen suggests you give it a try and make sure you note the change which will inevitably happen. Some of the common hacks or tips of using G Suite to help you write great college papers include:

  • Smarter Documents – any writer will tell you that you need to conduct extensive research before you start any paper. This means that you need to have your primary source(s) as well as secondary sources in place long before you decide to start writing your paper. Using G Suite can make your work easier and help you improve your writing. With the new Explore feature, you can now find the article you need or an image you want faster than before. Unlike before when you were required to switch between apps to find a document you needed, you can now use the Explore feature to help you find whichever document you needed. For example, your paper may need a chart or a graph to help demonstrate your point. Instead of doing another research, you simply need to use this feature and locate the image or graph your paper needs.
  • Scheduling – as a writer, one needs to plan themselves and know which assignments they need to finish first. If you are the type of student who keeps forgetting which assignments need your immediate attention and which will allow you more time, you need to use this feature. While it is mainly used for meetings, it can also help you schedule your assignments as well as help you decide what to do and at what time. For example, you may be having several assignments at your table and are required to finish each in a week. However, each has its individual level of difficulty, and you can use the Calendar feature to remind yourself which ones to start with and which ones to leave till later.
  • Expeditions App – virtual reality is the new revolutionary technology, and everyone is trying to make use of it. Well, Google has and using this Expeditions App, students get to take virtual reality tours and visit new places. Learning with this App is indeed effortless. When it comes to writing, it can be of great help as well. A good example is when you have been asked to write a narrative essay about your visit to a certain place. By using this App, you can simply take the tour and grasp some fine details which will help you write better and also include more details than you could have before.
  • Apps Marketplace – teachers’ comments on your work are essential and will help you become a better writer. Manually recording your teachers’ comments every time you write an essay is an uphill task which becomes boring in the long-run. However, with the Chrome App, your teachers, as well as your peers, can leave their comments on your assignments. These will help you and remind you where your weaknesses are and the parts you need to improve. For example, you may be a good writer who keeps confusing between APA and MLA formats. This mistake can cost you dearly, and you will always be penalized every time you forget to use the right one. To help you overcome this mistake and move past it, your teacher can record her comment using the Chrome App and leave it to you. As you start your next assignment, it will be helpful to know where you went wrong last time and by looking for the comment, you can find your mistake and make amends accordingly.


In conclusion, Google’s vision is changing the world, and this includes all aspects of the world. Education is an important sector, and with the G Suite for Education, it just got a lot easier, better, and fun.

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