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Germany to use a typewriter to keep out of NSA

The world is at a fix with what to do on the constant spying of NSA on every matter. The National Security Agency of USA is always interfering in the whereabouts of its citizen, foreign countries as well. However this spying has become intolerable for other nations and people have started adapting means to keep out from the prying eyes of the NSA. Germany seems to have found a way out to hide from the spy of the strong agency.

Germany to use a typewriter to keep out of NSA

Germany has decided to go backward on technology to escape the problem. Even if it seemed strange initially but according to Morgenmagazin TV, Germany has planned to use typewriter instead of computer and latest technologies. German politician Patrick Sensburg said, “As a matter of fact, we have — and not electronic models either. Yes, it’s a bit strange but Sensburg clarified all doubts saying it’s “Yes, no joke.

Previously the Russian government has also considered switching back to typewriters. Type pattern of each machine is unique and hence the type can identify which typewriter and possibly which typist was responsible for a leak. They spent £10,000 on the devices.

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