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Samsung rumored to debut Mobile GPU in mid 2015

The rumor that Samsung is working exhaustively to bring out the Mobile GPU has been circulating since a long time. It is obvious from market statistics that Samsung is doing really well in terms of its semiconductor domain. The business has surpassed that of the mobile phones and hence it is natural for Samsung to research and devote more on the SoC. Finally the news has come up from a Korean magazine named ZDNet Korea that Samsung is ready with its first Mobile GPU and that might happen as early as middle of 2015.

Samsung rumored to debut Mobile GPU in mid 2015

Samsung’s own processor for smartphones, the Exynos processors rendered the Mobile GPU from ARM’s Cortex CPU and Mali GPU. But Samsung had to pay a huge amount as licensing fees. Hence Samsung made up its mind to make its own GPUs for use in their huge line of smartphones. Samsung’s SoC will be powered by its own CPU and GPU and will be teamed up with integrated LTE modem solution. It is supposed that the new processors to be brought by Samsung might give a good competition to its famous rival Qualcomm. Samsung is focusing on 64-bit SoC to launch as a perfect contender for the 64-bit Krait CPU by Qualcomm.

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