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Google Is Dropping the Chrome App Launcher For Windows, Mac, and Linux

Google launched a Chrome App Launcher in all major platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux with an aim to create a platform within a platform. The Chrome App Launcher can launch any Chrome applications just like a normal Desktop application. The overall feature bore a close resemblance to the Windows Start Apps. However, Google is killing this app launcher because they found that majority of users prefer opening the apps from Chrome itself rather than using the App launcher.

Google Is Dropping the Chrome App Launcher

As mentioned earlier that Google had an intention to create platform within platform, it launched two more features alongside the chrome App launcher. Those two features were modern UI version of the browser for Windows 8 and a Chrome Notification Center. After Microsoft killed the dual UI of Windows 8, the aim for creating a Chrome OS for Windows literally ended and hence google has decided to quit the App launcher also.

Even after the Chrome App Launcher is killed, you can still enjoy flavor of it by following a simple step. Open a new tab in Chrome, type chrome://apps into the Omnibox. Now right clicking on the app, select Create shortcuts. That’s all you need to do!

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