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Google removes Chrome Notification Center from Windows and Mac

Google introduced the Chrome Notification Action Center that used to push pop up notifications for Chrome browser. But the feature did not hit with the priorities of users and hence the feature could not make it big. Finding the Chrome Notification Center to be going useless, Chromium Engineer Justin DeWitt announced that Google will be removing the Chrome Notification center from Windows and Mac. The service will continue to be there in Chromium operating system.

Google removes Chrome Notification Center from Windows and Mac

It appears to be uncanny as why Google suddenly planned to remove the feature entirely. As far as reports are concerned, the push notifications feature will be very much there and hopefully a separate app launcher will be released for users you preferred the Chrome Notification Action Center.

The Chromium blog states:

The new notifications documentation reflects changes that will affect Chrome app and extension developers who send notifications to the center. Notifications sent solely to the notification center will now result in an error, and API events tied to the center will no longer fire. All other notifications will continue to work without requiring any changes.

With the growth of web push, notifications are an increasingly important way for users to engage with web pages they care about. By streamlining the experience on desktop, Chrome can ensure a simple notification experience on every platform.

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