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Google starting an in-house startup incubator

Google is reportedly starting an in-house startup incubator to encourage top talents to work independently and nurture their individual ideas. The startup incubator is internally known as Area 120. With this project, Google will invest and assist people to develop ideas, and branch out with Google as their main investor. The persons currently managing the Area 120 in-house startup incubator are Executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz. Only an outline of the project has been chalked out and not much details have been unveiled right now.

Google starting an in-house startup incubator

Once a business plan is drafted, individual team can start working full-time on their own projects. This will finally help teams to work on their own as whole new company. The idea of Area 120 started when Google started facing talent flow from the company to other competing companies. Regina Dugan, the former head of the Advanced Technologies and Projects group and one of the most talented person who developed tech like Project Tango, left Google and joined Facebook this month.

The plan may seem to be beneficial for Google but it’s a big question whether Google’s plan of fostering its talent will be successful. The Information magazine claims this is a measure to keep talent from flowing out. It also adds that simply an in-house incubator can’t be the whole story. However how things turn up for Google and Alphabet is a matter of time.

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