Graphene for sale – market with advanced material is growing

Specialized companies offer graphene for sale. They focus mainly on the production of graphene oxide and graphene films. Although there is only a handful of companies of that kind, they provide detailed information on the “world of graphene” via their websites.



What is graphene

Graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon. The material itself is the strongest ever discovered. Graphene monolayer was firstly isolated from graphite in 2004 by two scientists from the University of Manchester.

Graphene layers are flexible, transparent, more conductive than copper and 200 times stronger than steel. Due to graphene versatility, researchers can design materials for very specific purposes. For these reasons, graphene is considered to be the leading material of the future.

Fabrication of graphene

Graphene is produced using mechanical or thermal exfoliation, chemical vapor deposition or epitaxial growth (deposition of a crystalline layer on a substrate). One of the most effective ways of graphene synthesis on a large scale is a chemical reduction of graphene oxide.

Graphene for sale – potential in industry

The most important goal of the research is to show graphene’s industrial potential. Graphene might offer solutions to any kind of business and help to improve materials they produce as for example:

  • Automotive industry: Graphene composites make the final product lighter without losing the strength.
  • Mobile phones sector: Due to graphene’s flexibility, the industry could be able to produce a phone that wrap around the wrist- have a look here! This is a great advantage over a silicon, which is very brittle.
  • Energy storage systems: Graphene could replace lithium-ion batteries and extend the battery life.
  • Computer and memory chip development: Graphene is highly conductive and it is able to transfer electrons at an enormous velocity.

Advantages of graphene

Graphene is pure carbon. Carbon form the major proportion of dry matter of living entities. The source of carbon is water and carbon dioxide. Carbon utilization by plants (photosynthesis) is the basis of the organic world on Earth. Together with these facts, graphene products are:

  • Recyclable
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Sustainable

Other beneficial attributes of graphene are summarized in this article.

The price of graphene

Graphene is indeed very exciting but producing it is not easy. A lot of research groups around the world develop new ways to increase the material production for an affordable price.

Graphene products

Several companies offer graphene and graphene-based products. Companies are still producing Graphene in small volumes, they are using mainly chemical vapor deposition based processes. The price of graphene is affected by its quality. But the graphene of highest purity is required for the only specific application.

Forms of graphene for sale

Graphene oxide powder is the most common form of graphene for sale. It has got an excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Graphene oxide powder contains a wide range of reactive oxygen functional groups. The presence of reactive groups makes it a suitable candidate for the production of polymer composites, sensors-like materials and materials for biomedicine.

Other graphene products provided by companies:

  • Graphene flakes
  • Graphene sheets
  • Graphene for 3D printing

The latest graphene applications

There are several products of daily-use whose attributes are improved with graphene addition. You can buy tennis racket coated with graphene, graphene-based additive for batteries, cycling helmets made of polymer enhanced with graphene or graphene-based sensors for detection of small molecules.

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