How Can Businesses Benefit from AI in Web Applications?

The future described in sci-fi novels is already here. Humans are no longer alone in their creation of civilization. By delegating a bunch of tasks that previously required manual work to robots, we’ve facilitated the speed of our development. But let’s step aside from global issues and see how AI transforms businesses that have leveraged this technology into their strategy.  

To do so, we provide 6 key benefits formulated by professionals who work at Emerline — a software development company that delivers tech solutions, including those featuring the latest innovative techs such as AI.  

Pros of Using AI for Business 

So why consider AI for business? Is it your option or is it better to look at something else? Let’s try to find answers to these questions through an overview of the key benefits AI has on offer.  


User Experience 

It’s no secret that user experience is one of the crucial aspects of any application, whether web, cloud, or mobile. If a user journey is too complicated, you will lose clients because they’ll find another solution that will meet their needs, allowing them to easily find and buy products. And here’s where AI can help, significantly improving customer experience with smart suggestions, whether on the next step to take or product to consider. You have to agree, there’s nothing better for business than a satisfied customer, and with AI, you increase this level twice and more. 

Personalized Content 

Personalization is always a good thing, especially when it comes to businesses that offer lots of content. Sometimes, users of your application can find themselves frustrated with all the content provided. In such cases, AI opens up space for the provision of information that they really want and need. For sure, this results in improved ROI for your business and much greater levels of satisfaction among your customers. 

Voice search optimization 

When it comes to the current trends in mobile development, voice search is rocking now, and for good reason. Offering a faster and more convenient way for making search queries, it facilitates user journey, allowing to get anything they are looking for in seconds. Also mind that while this trend is primarily used for mobile solutions, the web ones are welcomed as well. 


In recent years, chatbots have become one of the most popular solutions for companies that want to provide 24/7 service and those willing to capture every single client. Chatbots transform user experience by allowing them to have real-time conversations about products or services a customer is interested in and allow avoiding endless touching and clicking routine for finding relevant information. So there’s no wonder why today this option is considered rather as fixed than optional. In other words, it has become a standard part of modern design.  

For sure, it wasn’t always that way. Chatbots are not new and for quite a long period of time, this technology was primarily used for simple conversations, limited and preprogrammed ones. But things have changed with the use of NLP (natural language processing) algorithms that opened up space for more meaningful conversations not limited by some preprogrammed paths. It means that when human specialists have rest, your business still has a good consultant at hand. What’s more, quite soon (and it already happens right now), the experience of talking to a chatbot assistant will become indistinguishable from talking to a human specialist, and this, for sure, will lead to increased profits together with decreased expenses. Nice, right?  

Artificial Design Intelligence 

There were many talks around the imperfection of ADI (artificial design intelligence) technology, which introduction was supposed to supplant the designers. Because no fundamental change has happened, the boom around the technology collapsed. Still, it seems a little unfair because there are cases when ADI can make a business rock. For example, businesses that need to create a lot of single page apps for different products or services can take advantage of such web creators as Grid, Wix, and Bookmark. Allowing to create websites in a few moments and with lots of options for their further customization, they should not be overlooked. 

For sure, things change when there’s a requirement for more complex designs or you are about to create a website with the aim to highlight your business at its best. And while there are chances that in the coming years ADI will develop to accomplish such goals, professional design services still offer you more freedom, allowing you to get the design that not just looks in the way you want it to be but will also work for your business for decades.    

AI for analysis 

The last in this list but not in the priority is the use of AI for the delivery of actionable insights. Whether we are talking about user interface, user experience, user journey, personalization of services, and other things that can be somehow measured and have a great impact on your company’s success and growth, analytics powered by AI covers all. It not just saves your time and money but also allows you to get meaningful insights on a daily basis, allowing you to take small steps to refine your business and drive it to the highest of heights.   

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