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How Does My Hosting Provider Affect Site Speed

right seo for business

The loading time for your website will determine how many people stay to look at it. Google reported that 53% of site visitors would leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That means if you have 10,000 clicks, 5,300 of them will exit your site before they even view it, and they’ll likely never return. 

We’re sure you don’t want to lose over half of your potential clients just because of a slow website. One of the factors that contribute to site speed is the hosting provider. We’re going to explain how and give you some tips on optimizing your web host for a speedy site. 

What is a Hosting Provider?

A web hosting provider is a service that helps businesses or organizations create web pages for the internet. The provider will have the technology needed to build and store a website. 

Essentially it’s a big server that processes all the information. When an internet user clicks on the website, the server connects them to your site. 

Why Is Site Speed Important? 

As mentioned above, people don’t like to wait for sites to load, but there are other reasons site speed is vital. SEO, or search engine optimization, looks at load speed when categorizing sites. 

A slow site will hurt your rank, and you’ll get less traffic, which transfers to less business. There are many factors that go into SEO, but don’t let your loading speed drop your ranking. 

Having a site that is easy to use, and loads quickly will create a positive customer experience. Many times your website is the first impression a potential client has about your company. It’s reported that 88% of people will research a company before buying something in-store or online. 

When you have a website with speed and professional features, your customers will think your business has quality and is respectable. Your online presence is more important now than ever before. 

Hosting Provider Features that Affect Site Speed 

Competition with Other Websites

When you choose a hosting provider that is shared with many websites, this drastically changes the speed. With free ones, there are thousands of sites competing at the same time to load. The server can only process so much information at one time. You’ll see the most problems with providers that function in this way. 

To eliminate this problem, you should learn about a dedicated server hosting provider, believe those at AccuWeb Hosting. Naturally, you’ll have to pay for this; however, there is a range of price points. It’s absolutely worth the extra outlay as it’s a server that only your site uses, which considerably decreases the loading time. 

Size of the Hard Drive

Another factor that influences how a hosting provider operates is the size of the hard drive. The more room a server has, the better it can perform. If you’re having problems with your loading time, it could be because your provider is using a small or congested hard drive. 

Power of RAM 

RAM, or random access memory, is the stored information and runs from a browser to your website. It’s measured in gigabytes, which determines how fast the data can be processed and delivered. 

The more gigabytes, the faster your website will load. Each hosting provider has its own level of RAM power. If you’re experiencing problems with site speed, your server might have low RAM capability. 

Amount of Bandwidth 

Also known as data transfer rate, bandwidth is how much information it can communicate at one time over the internet. This has nothing to do with network speed. 

In a way, it works like a pipe. The bigger the passage, the more can get through at one time. If your hosting provider doesn’t have a large tube, only a certain amount of information can be passed through, even with the best internet speeds. 

This can be making your website slow, especially if it’s one that contains a lot of data.

How Much Traffic You Recieve 

When your website has many views, your hosting provider will have to work harder to give information to multiple places at the same time. This can put stress on the server if it can’t handle the traffic. 

When this happens, the loading speed can become slow, or your website won’t start at all for some users. There are ways to track the number of clicks you have, and you need a provider that can keep up. 

What’s the Best Hosting Provider for My Website? 

It might sound like bigger is better, but that’s not the case. It depends on the features and amount of information on your site. 

One thing that will require a better provider is large images. They’ll make your website come to life, but they’ll need more power to load quickly. Interactive features, such as a live chat or animation, is widely used on business sites but requires more from a hosting provider.

Ads are another feature that requires an advanced server. Usually, ads are videos and are being loaded simultaneously as your website is trying to start up. This can slow down the site if it doesn’t have the proper web host. 

It’s crucial to find the correct web hosting provider that can support all aspects of your website. If you have a basic site, you can get away with a mediocre server and still have excellent loading speed. However, once you add additional features, you’ll need to upgrade so you don’t sacrifice your site speed. 

The Bottom Line 

We live in a world where everything is accessible with a few clicks. This has made us impatient, which is why site speed is a critical feature if you want online traffic to your website. A primary factor in loading speed is the quality of your hosting provider. 

To maintain a high-speed site, you should invest in a dedicated server provider. It needs to have a larger hard drive, powerful RAM, significant bandwidth, and support the amount of traffic you receive. Look at the features of your website and find the correct hosting provider for you. 

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