How Many Followers Do You Need To Earn Money?


Instagram has become one of the busiest social media platforms in the world. Every day millions of people post their snaps and videos on the site. It generates huge traffic. Among the countless Instagram account holders, there are many who earn money on their snaps. You might have heard of Instagram influencers and other Instagrammers who are regularly making money from the platform. Often these users tend to have a huge amount of followers. This might have made you wonder about gaining lots of followers too. I mean who doesn’t want to earn money? You can try out a few shortcut ways by buying Instagram followers, YouTube Views or Facebook likes. There are many places to buy Instagram Followers, But have you ever wondered how many followers do you need to earn money from your Instagram account? We will try to look into this topic. Let’s try to find out whether there is any specific number or not. We will also discuss a few ways you can use to earn money on Instagram.

Follower Count To Earn Money on Instagram

If you have been doing Instagram for a long time you must have come across various people who have thousands and millions of followers and are making a lot of money from their account. This might tempt us to think that to make money from your account you need to have a lot of followers too. But this is not the case. You don’t really need a lot of followers ( at least not a gargantuan amount) to start earning a few bucks on Instagram. There are other factors which come into play.

  • Market Niche

The first question or factor that comes into play is what is the niche. Influencers on Instagram make a lot of money from their posts and get paid to travel to an exotic place and eat great food. To understand how an Instagram influencer is earning a lot of money you have to understand the market niche they are targeting. It’s not just about the follower count. Let’s take an example. If a big company like Louis Vuitton is launching some new fashion item they can higher some famous model to promote their product. It is a competitive niche. But then there are many other niches too which are not that competitive. Maybe you are a musician with a few thousand followers. There are many brands who can approach you to promote their products. Even you can approach them too.

  • Follower Engagement

Of course follower count matters but nobody will care if you have 100 thousand followers and most of them are fake. Nowadays, due to many people trying to get on the ‘Instagram Influencer’ wagon, there is a market growing for providing fake followers. Now, these followers may give you a count boost and boasting rights but that’s where their benefits end. Brands will quickly reject you if they find you out. They use special auditing apps to check the percentage of real followers. This is because your followers are not real you won’t be of any help promoting their product. So, even if you have a small following you can still earn money if your followers engage with your posts regularly. Fake followers will not engage with your posts.

  • Revenue Channel

Choosing a revenue channel matters too. Depending on your follower count you can choose a revenue channel which is not too demanding in terms of count but rather looks at you and your follower’s engagement.


So, yeah this post has talked a lot about the various factors affecting your potential to make money on Instagram but is there a takeaway? Yes, there is. Though you cannot put a certain definite number when it comes follower count to earn money on Instagram you have to understand that you don’t need 100k followers to get started. A couple of thousand follower count too has a decent chance of making a few bucks if the above-mentioned variables are considered. If your followers truly engage with you and are loyal to you then a brand will be willing to work with you as you can promote their product and your followers might be more interested in buying it as they like and are loyal. 

Few Ways to Make Money on Instagram

As promised, let’s take a brief look at some ways you can generate revenue using your Instagram account.

  • The first way is one of the most popular ways and is something you see a lot on social media platforms. It is to do sponsored posts. You can work with brands who identify with you. Choose a product or brand which you can promote and generate revenue for the brand.
  • If you are talent d photographer then you can sell rights to your photo collections. There are various companies who look for great pics to use for their presentation or promotional contents. Also, many of your followers might be interested in buying your stuff.
  • Sell or promote a service. Maybe you are the next Bob Ross who can teach people how to paint in an easy and innovative way. Or maybe you are a skilled musician. For these things, you don’t need brand support. Of course, if you are good then brands will want to join you and then you can do sponsored posts.

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