5 Best Tools for Professional Writers


There’s no doubt that the writer’s greatest tool is their mind. However, the mind alone is not sufficient to get all the work done. Like everyone else, a writer is only as good as their tools. Smart writers make the best of innovative tools to not only turn their thoughts into words but also refine and enhance their messages. The Internet is a treasure trove of tools that any writer would find handy. However, some tools stand out for their convenience and efficacy. 

Here is a review of five of the best tools for professional writers, recommended by an accomplished dissertation expert.

  • Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has become synonymous with typing. In fact, most documents are typed on Microsoft Word.

This tool is indispensable to writers for a variety of reasons. Besides typing, Word is also offering a variety of tools that help with organization and presentation of content. There are numerous fonts to choose from; moreover, you can insert videos and images. Truth be told, most of the tools and features available on Word often go unnoticed. 

Microsoft Word is convenient as you can use it on virtually all devices running on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

  • Google

Although writers rely on their creativity to come up with good content, there is always the need to do some research. Google is the primary research tool for most writers. It offers unlimited access to the Internet, where you can get new ideas or refine existing ones. Google also opens doors to many platforms where writers can interact with each other and their audiences. There are also many money-making opportunities for writers on Google.

  • Grammarly

Every writer should have impeccable grammar. However, it is easy to make mistakes. Poor grammar can tank your credibility, but Grammarly always has your back.

Grammarly is an online tool that many writers use to check for grammatical errors. It highlights glaring mistakes and even offers suggestions on how to correct them. It works on all devices as long as your browser is supported. It is also a great learning app that helps upcoming writers get a better grasp of the written language. You don’t need an editor when you have Grammarly.

Grammarly also helps you check the text for plagiarism by comparing your documents against a database of all documents available online.  

  • Pocket

As we’ve already mentioned, the Internet is extremely resourceful to writers. Many writers get their ideas online. However, the sheer amount of information available online is mind-boggling, and writers often have difficulty keeping up.

Pocket is a useful tool for gathering and storing online resources. The application enables you to save all sorts of materials – articles, images, web pages, and videos that you source online. All you need to do is to tag these resources and Pocket will save them for the later reference.

Pocket also allows you to organize your resources for easier reference. As such, you can browse on the go, save your resources, and access them later when you are settled.

  • Evernote

Writers are always coming up with new ideas for their next project. These ideas come to mind randomly – sometimes, an idea can pop up when you are not at your desk. It is easy to forget these ideas unless you take notes. Evernote is built for this very purpose.

Evernote is an app that enables writers to take quick notes. The app works on all mobile platforms and is great to use while on the move. You can jot down your ideas as soon as they pop up for later reference. You can even craft short documents using the app’s powerful writing, editing, and formatting tools.

There are numerous writing tools at the disposal of writers. These five instruments are the most popular for their convenience and reliability, and they will make your writing enjoyable and less hectic.

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