How Much Emphasis Should Be Placed on Website Interactivity

How Much Emphasis Should Be Placed on Website Interactivity

How Much Emphasis Should Be Placed on Website Interactivity

Every modern business strives to build a positive internet presence. After all, most consumers today depend primarily on the World Wide Web for most of their needs, with their first point of contact with a brand or company being its online domain. Since it takes most people no more than a couple of seconds to form their opinions about a website and determine whether they’ll continue browsing its content or leave, it’s crucial to make an excellent first impression. And one way to do this is through interactivity. 

This article will discuss what website interactivity is all about and the level of emphasis you must place on this aspect of web design. Continue reading if you want to know more about it.   

What is website interactivity? 

As its name implies, website interactivity is the means by which you communicate with users through your online domain, from clickable buttons and contact forms to interactive galleries and so much more. It can engage users in ways that content alone cannot, allowing the web page to stand out among many others. Some of the benefits of having an interactive design are the following: 

  • Interactivity can guide users towards the desired information. 
  • It can enhance the user experience by personalizing their journey via the delivery of personal choices. 
  • An interactive design can improve user retention and engagement. 

How to achieve a respectable level of interactivity?  

While the level of interactivity of your website should be aligned with the goals of your business, there are a number of elements that every online domain should have. Here are some of them: 

  • Search bar. One of the most frustrating aspects of browsing a website is trying to find specific information. By incorporating a search bar into each web page of your website, you’ll save users the trouble of having to manually find what they’re looking for in your online domain. 
  • Accessibility features. More and more sites are beginning to adopt accessibility features these days. When you get right down to it, those with visual, mobility, and hearing impairments are unable to access digital content in the same way that everybody else can. However, by reading up on accessiBe WordPress reviews and the implementation of features like alternative text, captioning software, and keyboard-only navigation, to name a few, you’ll be able to cater to a broader audience.   
  • Feedback or polls/surveys. The best way to understand how people feel about your website is to ask them, and what better way than to give them the option of sending you a message or doing a poll or survey through the website? 


No one can deny the importance of interactivity when it comes to a website. However, it must also be woven into the web pages in a way that doesn’t obstruct them from accessing your content. So make sure that you carefully evaluate the interactivity options that will best benefit your website before you begin their implementation. Don’t forget to include a search bar, a way for users to communicate with you directly, and accessibility features into your site too. They will make a difference. 


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