How Software Can Convert More Leads For A Painting Business?

As the number of painting businesses grow, so does the competition. As an entrepreneur, you need to develop ways of making your business stand out to attract and retain existing and new customers. Otherwise, you risk losing the leads you so carefully invest in obtaining.

The use of painting contractor software from companies like Jobber, is one of the best methods of converting more leads. Read below for more details on how this is possible:

  1. Enables you to make accurate painting estimates

The first bit of information that clients want to know before hiring you is the approximate cost of a specific job. Therefore, knowing how much paint you will need for a particular space is essential. Generally, a 250 square foot wall uses about 1 gallon of paint. But this isn’t all there is to formulating a professional quote. You must know how to accurately estimate a job, and factor in all other associated costs such as how long it will take, how many team members it will need, an any additional tools or materials you will need to complete the job, as well as your required profit margin etc. (1)

Computing the costs of all these items manually is likely to lead to errors. You’re better off using painting estimating software that can automatically calculate this for you. The result is an accurate and professional-looking quotation that can be generated quickly and shared with prospective clients easily.

The ability to share precise and accurate quotes quickly is an effective way of wining the trust of your potential customers and increasing the possibility of them hiring you for the job. It also helps to make you stand out from your competition who still rely on old-fashioned approaches to prepare quotes and take longer in doing so. 

  1.  Allows you to manage your painting projects

As a painting contractor, you may have multiple painting projects to handle simultaneously. In such cases, using software to manage your painting business will be a great advantage as it enables you to:

  • Divide large projects into smaller tasks so that you can easily manage them
  • Prioritize jobs based on their urgency
  • Allocate the necessary materials to your employees for a particular job
  • Monitor the progress of your projects via a phone or a laptop
How Software Can Convert More Leads For A Painting Business

Doing this will ensure that you complete your customers’ tasks on time and deliver a high-quality service, resulting in high customer satisfaction. You can then use this to your advantage by implementing a referral program to help generate new business. 

  1.  Enables you to market your business 

Painting software allows you to organize the details of every job, including before and after photos. You can quickly share these with interested customers enquiring about your services. This will help them understand your services and see the level of quality you normally deliver. 

You can also have a feedback system on the painting contractor software, wherein customers leave reviews on jobs you’ve completed. Later on, you can showcase these reviews to potential customers. If the majority of them are positive, you’ll have a much easier time converting leads into customers. Buyers generally trust service providers with high ratings from contented customers. (2)

Additionally, business management software enables your new clients to trace the improvement of your quality standards over time. If they notice you’re making progress to address areas of concern, they’ll be more likely to hire you based on the fact you listen to and act upon what people are saying.

  1. Enhances easy communication with customers 

Painting software enables you to automate the communication process. You can follow up with instant replies and emails. In today’s world, these are given customer expectations. Failure to respond to customer requests promptly may make them abandon you and move on to other companies. Thus, using software ensures you meet these expectations. (3)

Satisfaction makes customers happy. They’ll be happy to talk about you in a positive way. This is a sure-fire way to grow your customer base and increase your sales volume.

  1. Leads to better customer relationships

You can find contractor software with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features that enable you to know your customers better and understand their needs. This allows you to service your customers’ better, implying that you care about them. It’s estimated that when companies adopt a personalized approach to handling customers, they increase their lead conversion by 8%. Therefore, using software in your painting business will enable you to convert more leads into clients. (4)

Furthermore, when you develop a good relationship with your customers, you’ll encourage them to share the positive experience they gained from you with others and also introduce new clients to your company.


Gaining new clients for your painting business can sometimes be challenging. But adopting software techniques will go a long way in converting leads into customers. You’ve so far learnt five ways painting contractor software can help you gain potential customers to do business with you. Now, see how your business will make more profit and grow in scale.


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