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How To Create SEO Optimized High-quality content for your website?

A high-quality content should be efficient enough to achieve your desired marketing goals. At the same time, it should be relevant, helpful and give user a great reading experience. Most importantly, the content should answer the searcher’s query for which your website appeared in the search results. 

What is a low-quality content like?

Content which are against Google’s Panda algorithm are considered to be of low-quality. Here is a list of points which indicate low-quality.

1. Thin content

2. Excessive ads in the content

3. Auto-generated content

4. Duplicate or scraped content

Thin content means the content adds zero value to the user. For example, the user searched for best headphones under $20 and your content appeared in the search results. But, instead of any content about cheap headphones, you simply provide some links of headphone stores. If your content has excessive ads in it, then also the content becomes low-quality. Bot created content, which are similar to each other also becomes poor in terms of quality.  Duplicate content within your website gives negative impact to your website and goes against Google’s Panda algorithm.

What is the KPI of high-quality content?

There are some key performance indicators (KPI) for a high- quality content. 

1. Ranking in the top three Google search results for your targeted keywords.

2. Increasing web-traffic from organic search results. 

3. Creating brand awareness and user engagement.

4. Expanding presence in social media.

Important Tips To Create SEO Optimized Content

1. Know your search Intent and Call to Action

2. Correct grammar and formatting

3. Carefully choose content topics

4. Measure Content Performance and Change Your Content Accordingly

Hope the little tips will help you!

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