How To Follow A Particular Post On A Facebook Group?

If you are a member of one or many Facebook Groups, then you must have seen that out of the numerous posts uploaded throughout the day, only a handful of them is useful and relevant to you. Many users type f in the comment section. If you have been wondering what this f means, then let me tell you it means “following”. When you type any comment, then notifications start coming to your profile from that post.

But this is an inferior and non technical way to get notifications for a post you are interested in. These comments like f, following are garbage and carry no useful message. So, why look stupid when you can do it smartly without typing garbage comments.
In the following tutorial, you will learn how to follow a relevant post on a Facebook group and get notification from the post without typing any meaningless comments such as f, following, etc.

Steps To Follow A Particular Post On A Facebook Group

1. Open the post on the group that seems relevant to you. Click on the three horizontal dots located at the top right corner of the post.
2. As the dropdown menu opens, click on Turn on notifications for this post.                                                                           turn on notifications
3. Facebook will give the message: You’ll get a notification whenever someone comments on this post.                  message
That’s all!
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