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How to increase FPS with Smart Game Booster?

Smart Game Booster is a useful and efficient game optimization utility, essential for any gamer who wants a smoother, more responsive gaming experience. If you have a slow computer and need the fps and the performance to play your favorite video game, Game Booster can help. Even if you have a powerful rig but want your PC to run more efficiently, Game Booster can help with that too.

How to increase FPS with Smart Game Booster

Game Booster is a great program that can help with many tasks that are essential to gamers. After the fps boost you get when turning on the application, you can overclock your computer which can make the performance more efficient and powerful. Overclocking unlocks the full potential of your computer, and you can do it all with one simple program. With most graphics cards, tests show that your PC performance goes up 50% on average. If you ever had problems with your temperatures too high, or don’t know where to find it, you can check by using the inbuilt temperature monitor. The great, easy to navigate UI can make it simple to get more knowledge about your computer in one click.

How to increase FPS with Smart Game Booster

Another useful feature about Game Booster is its game library section. If you play games across multiple platforms and launchers, you can combine it all into one. Just add the games you want to add and you can easily access all of your favorite games. If you get bored of a game or find a new one, you can always delete and add games based on your liking. Even if you’re not gaming, Game Booster optimizes your entire system so that even simple tasks such as browsing the web or watching videos can be easier. You can finally watch in a higher quality because your computer will be more capable of running high quality video.

Waiting for your game to load can be a pain, especially when you are trying to play with friends or even just by yourself. With the Disk Defrag option in Game Booster, it will automatically make sure that you are running your game on the fastest disk, so that you won’t have to wait so long to play games. If you ever have any problems with your mouse, keyboard or headset, Game Booster can also automatically detect what hardware you are using and download the most up to date drivers and software. You can also record high quality footage of any game you want and upload it to any Social media platform you would like. Game Booster’s screen recorder is also very easy on your PC, so your PC won’t be overwhelmed by it. You can even share your game capture to other friends if you would like.

Lastly, they have mic test and sound test so that you can make sure what type of headphones you have and to make sure your microphone quality is crisp and clear.

All in all, Game Booster is a great software that everyone should use because every gamer deserves to play on the highest FPS their machine can handle with no compromises. If you want to boost your gaming experience and never have to worry about Game quality again, getting Game Booster is a “game” changer. 

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