How to Play World Scribe on PC or Mac ?

There’s an app for everything these days, and if you’re a fictional writer, there are apps to help you write better, too. World Scribe is one such app that you download on your phone and make it easy to write your next big thing.  

Technology can improve productivity and management by leaps and bounds. And it’s not just limited to the sciences, but also the humanities and arts. Whether you’re a writer, singer, historian, or interpreter, mobile apps can be your tool to getting more done.  

What is World Scribe Exactly? 

World Scribe is a productivity app on Android that lets you create and track a fictional world. You can create characters with names and traits. You can also create places, groups, items, and concepts connected to those people.  

It’s basically designed to help with the story creation process by keeping track of all the characters, items, and places within the fictional world. You can even upload pictures of characters to make things more legit.  

Each world is called an Article within the app and can be connected to other Articles (fictional worlds). You can also describe the nature of the relationships between characters of an article or between articles.  

You can also add Snippets to the characters, which are unique details about Articles, which are basically custom to that world. For instance, it could be a character’s catchphrase.  

Who is World Scribe For? 

World Scribe is for a fictional story, novel, and screenwriters who can benefit from keeping track of all their characters and other elements in their story. It’s designed to help them be more productive, save time, and write better.  

Some stores have dozens of characters and tens of places and plots within the story. It can be difficult to keep track of all of them, even for the writer. So this kind of app helps them ensure they move all of the stories together and create links that make sense.  

Writers can easily share their stories with anyone on the go instead of carrying heavy screenplays or drafts with them everywhere. They can also back it up into dropbox.  

This can also come in handy for writing students who work on creative fictional writing.  

World Scribe Alternatives 

Are there any other apps like World Scribe? Well, yes, there are quite a few. Some alternatives to World Scribe include Plot Factory and World Anvil.  

There are differences between the apps. For instance, World Anvil offers more tools in its app, whereas World Scribe is just for keeping track of the story.  

World Scribe for PC 

World Scribe is an Android app, which means you can’t really use it on PC until you get an emulator. You can really choose any emulator you like, but LDPlayer is one of the best. Through that, you can download World Scribe for PC.  

Download the LDPlayer emulator from official website.  

Once successfully installed on your system, you can use your Google account to access Play Store within the emulator and download World Scribe. An easier way is to simply get the APK file of the app, which eliminates the need to log in and download from the store.  

The user interface of the app is the same as in the phone because you’re running an Android emulator.  

The biggest benefit of using World Scribe on PC is that you can directly save your Articles on the PC, without needing to back them up on dropbox or transfer them another way. Most screenwriters and novelists work on their PC anyways, so it makes sense to have the app there too.  

Wrap Up 

World Scribe is a great app for any budding writer who struggles to keep track of the characters they have created. With all the elements of your story in sight, you can write better scenes and chapters. It doesn’t just help you save time but also helps you do your best.  

Plus, you can even use it on PC even if it’s not officially available for Windows.  

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