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How To Repost An Instagram Post in Android?

Instagram is the biggest photo sharing social platform where billions of users share their photographs and selfies with each other. Instagram is such a big platform where celebrities, sport persons, politicians and even big companies and business hubs take part and share posts. Sometimes, we come across certain beautiful posts that we want to share. But unfortunately, there is no such straightforward way of sharing an Instagram post on your profile like you can do in Facebook. In that case, you have to render help from a third party app. It is known as Repost.

The Repost app copies the caption along with the hashtags of the original post as well as the hashtag #repost, so that the copyright of the original post is preserved. I have been loving this Instagram page of travelingchapati or Chapati the traveling dog. A Ukranian couple adopted a stray Indian pariah dog and has taken him as their companion for life. I wanted to share the posts of traveling chapati. Here’s how I did it with the help of Repost App.

Steps To Repost An Instagram Post in Android and iOS

1. First, download the Repost App from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)

download app

2. Now open Repost app. It will give you a brief demo about the app.

repost app

3. Next, open Instagram, select the post that you wish to repost. Tap on the three dots (options) at the top right corner of the post. Click on Copy Link.

copy link

4. Then open Repost, you will find that the copied link has been added. Tap on the copied post. It will open the post in the app. Adjust the image so that you can show the watermark of the original profile. Click on Repost.

watermark of repost

5. Now long press on the post as shown in the app. The post description will be copied. Now open Instagram, reposition the post and proceed to the next step. Paste the description and post it.

repost Instagram post

That’s all!

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