How to Set Up a Vinyl Recorder?

vinyl record

If you’re a record player geek and are wondering how to get the most out of your rescue player, this is the perfect place for you. In this guide, we will explain to you how to set your vinyl record player to get the maximum out of it.

Choose the Best Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for your player is as important as tuning it. There are certain parts in a player that you don’t want to neglect and Phonograph cartridge is one of them. Using The best Phono cartridge maximizes the performance of your player.

Maintain a perfect level

Leveling your player is the most important thing to do first. You need to make sure that your spinning records and your take are leveled with each other. To perform leveling, fold these simple steps,

  • Place a label on your turntable platter.
  • Adjust the feet of your table. A lot of people believe that the feet cannot be adjusted. But in fact, you can change the feet.
  • Now adjust the feet until it reads level.
  • Now place /spin the levels by 90 degrees. Adjust this axis.
  • Now go back to your first axis. You’ll find both the axes are perfectly straight, i.e., the recorder is leveled.

Adjust the tracking force

Generally, most of the turntables come with counterweights with built-in tracking gauges. What you need to do is,

  • Find the manufacturer suggested tracking force.
  • Now Balance your tonearm so that it is just floating.
  • Make the tracking force gauge value reach zero.
  • Now turn the counterweight disk anti-clockwise and reach the minimal range of the tracking force provided by your manufacturer.

Make sure the tangential alignment curve is set

You need to make sure that your tonearm mimics the “tangential alignment” curve of the lathe that cut it. You will have to move the cartridge to make this adjustment. You can do this using custom tools available in the market.

Adjust the Zenith so that it is Perpendicular

You need to adjust Zenith so that it is perpendicular to the groove of a record. This produces good sound even if your cartridge is old. Position of the needle matters the most. So, make sure the needle is exactly placed at the center.

Make sure the Speed is Right

You need to make sure if the table is running at the proper speed. This speed would be 33 1/3 RPM. The best trick to maintain the right speed is to lubricate the record player properly. There are many custom tools in the market to measure the speed accurately.

Adjust the vertical tracking angle and stylus rake angle

The angle of descent of a tonearm depends on various factors. Hence, it varies from Turntable to turntable. Some turntables allow you to adjust the tonearm. If your turntable has this feature, you can find the sweet spot by trial and error method. Since there is a lot of argument on which angle the Recorder works perfectly, it is better to use the trial and error method to determine it by yourself.

Set the Azimuth

Every needle is inclined either to the left or right in a turntable. You need to set the needle perfectly perpendicular for maximum separation of the channels, and since it might not be possible, you can find the maximum separation by trying out different inclinations.

Set the Anti-skate

Usually, in records, the grooves are concentric and try to pull the needle towards the center of the record player. To prevent this, Ani-Skate adjustment is used. You need to start on the lower end of the manufacturer recommended settings and then change it according to your comfort.

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