How To Track Text Messages On Android Device Using FoneMonitor App?

Spy phone applications are at an alarming demand nowadays. It was not long back, when several teenagers committed suicide by playing the Blue whale game. Many teenagers unintentionally fall in trap of pedophiles and cyber criminals. Sometimes, parents need to push further and spy their kids for their benefits. They have to track phone calls in order to catch creeps that have filled the internet. So, FoneMonitor is one such efficient application that can track phone calls, messages and several other information from the target phones. Offices often use, these type of applications on their employee phones.

FoneMonitor extracts a wide range of data such as messages, phone call details, battery percentage of the target’s phone, last known location. Fonemonitor can also scrutinize social media messages and information from a plethora of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Line, Instagram, Viber, Tinder, Kik, Wechat and so on. Other than these, you can also set a restriction on the use of the internet, that is, you can regulate how your target device owner will use the phone or the internet. The list doesn’t end here. You can check photos, videos, track calendar plans and reminders, geofences, browser history and so on. Fonemonitor also has the ability to sense id something is wrong with the teenager. Fonemonitor does this with its keyword alerts. If certain alarming words or phrases, typed by the target users, are found then parents or controlling person should become alert.


Before using this type of application, it is recommended that you follow certain ethics. For example, if your aim is to track the employees of your office, then the employees should be informed that they would be scanned in the future. Moreover, you must never check their locations, or messages, or any personal information that is not associated with the workplace. In case of children, sometimes secrecy is required. In that case, parents are advised to deal the matters carefully.

FoneMonitor enables you to track an Android or iOS phone from your Windows/ Mac OS X PC. The application is a paid one, just like every spy app, but there is a demo interface that will give you an idea of how the software could be.

In this article, we will show you the steps to monitor the target phone using this software. In this case, we have considered Android device as the target device. You can also track text messages on iPhone devices.

  1. First visit the FoneMonitor website and sign up to create your new account in FoneMonitor. After signing up, you can required payments for purchasing the app.
  2. Next, after logging in to the account, you need to provide some necessary information such as the teen’s name, age, the mobile OS he/she is using. Click Next to continue. fonmonitor setup wizard
  3. Next you have to get access of your teen’s device, that is the target device and make some changes. This step is extremely necessary. So, open the Settings app from your Android Phone. Go to Security and enable Unknown Sources menu. Click OK to Continue. android set up
  4. Now, again go to Settings, select Google. Then choose the Security menu. Tap on the Google Play Protect option. There is an option called “Scan Device For Security Threats”. Disable the option. android set up
  5. The next step is to download the application .apk file from . Once downloaded, open the app from the notification bar to initiate the installation process. Finally click Install.
  6. The next step is to active the app from the target device. So open the app, login to your account and tap on the “Grant” button to process permission requests. FONMONITOR signup
  7. Youn must enable the device to allow all types of permission requests. Moreover, you have to activate the Device Administrator process. Finally click on Start Monitoring option.
  8. Finally click on Complete to complete the installation and monitoring process.

Now you can check the whereabouts of the target device from your PC.

Fonemonitor is indeed a versatile spy phone application and it can track almost every single information available on the target device. It is a highly recommended software.

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