HP Sprout
HP Sprout

HP Sprout- A creative PC without Mouse and Keyboard

HP is the quintessential manufacturer of printing, scanning devices and projectors and now it seems HP is all set to establish its versatility in front of the world. So here comes its new device HP Sprout which is an elegant combination of projector, printer and scanner all in one computer. The most attractive aspect of this computer is that it won’t require a mouse or a keyboard. Then how will work be done on that computer? The answer is its digital canvas. The digital canvas will replace mouse and keyboard and will become the digital keyboard along with different functions for variety of applications.


Now since the maker is HP you would expect some awestruck features with printing and scanning functions. The computer is equipped with the most efficient RealSense 3D camera by Intel which enables to transform any scanned image into 2D or 3D images respectively. There is a DLP projector and LED lamp fitted with the 23 inch large screen. The function of the LED lamp is to beam different images on the digital canvas and launch Sprout-specific applications (which require a separate SDK). The resplendent and interesting PC is powered by Intel Core i7 with a whopping 1TB storage. The digital mat or the digital canvas is a touch sensitive interactive second screen. It is responsive and works in correspondence with the PC.

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