HTC Sapphire U Ultra: Company Starts Pre-Order for the new handset

HTC has started pre-order for its new Sapphire U Ultra smartphone. The company announced the launch of the phone about two months ago. The device promised some new exciting features and the device will be making its debut in Taiwan on March 28, 2017. However, compared to the device specifications, the price is not reasonable. Many tech experts are saying that HTC has kept a large price quote.


With Sapphire U Ultra, HTC has promised its users a Sapphire glass as the screen of the U Ultra device, specifically for the high end 128 GB variant of the U Ultra model. The other variant with comparatively lower memory offers Gorilla glass for the screen specification. The 64GB variant will get a regular Gorilla Glass 5, and the overall price of the variant will be around NTD 23,900, which is equivalent to $780/€730.

The 128GB/Sapphire variant of U ultra will be priced at NTD 28,900, approximately $945/€880. this price has jumped up by 20% . The price hike has been tagged as unnecessary by many. But we can’t comment unless the device rolls out. More importantly, The device price is well over the $100/€100 premium we’re used to paying when going up in storage, even if it’s from 64GB to 128GB. It’s true that Sapphire is extremely expensive and hard to manufacture. When it comes to using it as screen for mobile devices, the craft and technology needed will hike the cost even more. Now the question arises, is the material at all worth the price. If we can get equally durable materual a lower price, why would users want to spend huge amount of money for a different screen material. But the HTC U Ultra is hardly affordable to begin with.

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