Ideas to Explore for Your First Podcast


We’ve talked about how you can start – and grow – your own podcast in past articles. We’ve also covered some of the reasons why starting a podcast today is a great idea. Thanks to platforms like Spotify, you can reach more users by releasing podcasts on a regular basis.

Getting started is relatively easy. You can begin recording your episodes using nothing but your smartphone and the headset that comes with it. The most challenging part is choosing a topic to talk about, but these next few ideas we are about to review will get you started in no time.

Life and Wellbeing

One of the easiest topics to discuss when starting a podcast is life itself. You can draw a lot of lessons from your life experiences. Since your episodes will be based on circumstances you experienced yourself, finding things to talk about and developing those ideas will not be difficult.

Wellbeing is another popular subject on the market right now. You can start talking about the little things, such as the morning routine that works for you and how important it is to have one, and work from there. You’ll be able to write one episode after another with these topics as your niche.


Personal finance is another great topic to explore. If you have been managing your monthly budget meticulously, you actually have a big audience, particularly listeners who are eager to get better at managing their own personal finances.

You can also go into more specific subjects, including how to use different financing options. Talk about personal loans from Bonsai Finance, compare mortgages from multiple lenders, and share tips on how to use the right loans for maximum benefit along the way.


Next, we have career-related topics. You’ll be surprised by how many people are interested in tips on how to optimize their resumes and other career-related podcasts. This is an underdeveloped niche, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to shine.

Depending on the gear you use, you can start accepting questions on social media or over the phone and provide listeners with answers to the most interesting questions you get. Don’t forget to conclude with some tips and tricks at the end of each episode.


We all love the latest technology and new gadgets hitting the market; we love talking about them too. Tech podcasts are really hot right now. You can take advantage of the sweeping wave of tech enthusiasts searching for podcasts to subscribe to by starting your own tech podcast.

It is worth noting that some tech-related subjects can be tricky without visual cues. Find a way to develop your own style in conveying these tricky subjects, however, and you can lead the competition by a comfortable margin. You’ll start getting loyal listeners before you know it.

Talk to Everyone

Conversations are still among the hottest categories of podcasts on the market. You’d be surprised by how mundane the most popular conversational podcasts are; the appeal isn’t in the heavy topics being discussed, but rather in the conversations themselves.

If you love talking to new people, you can be spontaneous and start interviewing others on a wide range of subjects. Begin talking to people in public places for the sake of getting content for your podcast and you are all set.

Current Events

Aside from talking about random subjects with the right people, you also have the option to limit the subject of your podcast to current events. This choice of niche gives you plenty of wiggle room, since you can talk about anything from the Trump administration to the latest memes.

Current events are, well, current. There will always be new trends to talk about and interesting things to discuss with relevant guests. Joe Rogan’s podcast is a great example of how anything can be exciting when you invite the right guests to your podcast table.

Minus Ones

Broadcasting minus-ones isn’t necessarily a traditional way of doing podcast, but it is a topic worth exploring if you love music. You basically make covers of popular songs, but you leave room for listeners to chime in.

You can, for instance, leave out the guitar part of the song. Ask listeners to publish their own versions and prepare to be amazed by what you get in return. People on the internet love collaborating with others, making this idea an exciting one to explore.

Fun Facts

If you love telling jokes and you want to make your audience laugh, discussing fun facts with funny anecdotes is the way to go. You can use subjects such as “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Iron Man” and find tidbits about the character that you can develop into funny material.

While it is not currently in a podcast form, you can borrow the 25-things format from Bill Maher’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Even the show isn’t the original creator of this format, but they do really well whenever they do a 25-things segment.


Another idea that is easy to develop when you are just getting started with your own podcast is recaps. Talk about interesting things from the previous week – or the previous month, depending on how often you want to publish your podcast – and you’ll have plenty of things to talk about.

You are free to add your own take on any specific subject. When talking about a recent NBA match, for example, you can add your comments or predictions to keep things interesting. I’m sure listeners will want to have their say too.


Last, but certainly not least, ask the audience for topics to discuss and choose the best ones for your next podcast. This may seem like a lazy way to find topics for your podcast, but it is a method that attracts high user engagement.

You are talking about highly requested topics after all, so you know your audience will find it interesting. Whether they agree with your comments on those topics is another story.

So, what are you waiting for? Find topics to explore, determine the subjects you want to talk about, and start recording your episodes right away. You can’t build a strong audience base – and, eventually, make money from podcasting – if you don’t get started.

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.