Learn how to Unlock the iCloud Activation lock with IMEI number

We will elaborate today the issue of iCloud activation lock and the possible unlock methods that can be used to successfully deal with it. Currently, it is recommended that you use the iCloud IMEI Unlock method because this service has proven to be the most successful. With this service, the user will need to know the IMEI number of the Apple device because it is the only way to access the database where the lock was verified.

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Explaining the IMEI code and its role

IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It consists of 15 digits which’ purpose is to distinguish one mobile phone from another. Every mobile phone currently has an IMEI number, regardless of the manufacturer or the model. This code plays a key role in today’s mobile industry because this is the number which can be used to lock or unlock any mobile device or track them down in case they are stolen or lost along with the option to remotely erase all the stored data on the device.

Where is the IMEI number located/How to find it?

The location of the IMEI code depends on the phone manufacturer, brand as well as model. The majority of the phones have this code right under the battery casing, while some have it on the SIM card tray. In addition, there are phones which have this phone in the inside part of the bottom phone cover.

However, there are other simple methods which can help you find the code as well.

The universal method is to dial the number *#06#.

Alternatively, if any of the above mentioned methods do not work for you, there are other methods which you can use

  1. Just go to SettingsGeneralAbout. The IMEI is located on the bottom of the page.
  2. Connect your computer and iPhone and start iTunes. Press on “Summary” and the IMEI number will be shown to you

IPhone IMEI check via iCloud

In order to use iCloud, it is required that you check IMEI iCloud to confirm the IMEI code of your handset. And if you need to iCloud Unlock by IMEI on Apple account, then it is absolutely required that you know this 15 digit code.

Apple’s iPhone come with an iCloud account, which can be distinguished by this unique code.

In case you own an iPhone that has a locked iCloud account, the first thing you will need to do is to go with the iCloud IMEI check process to retrieve the code.

ICloud IMEI Official iPhone Unlock service

Looking for the best iCloud IMEI unlock service may lead you to many different online providers and websites which offer IMEI check for iCloud along with iCloud Activation lock removal.

In rare cases, the services are free; however most of the providers tend to charge unlock fees. In addition, some even require that you download a special software tool which needs to be installed on the computer before use.

Unfortunately, the majority of these services does not work, and are complete waste of time and money.

However, on the other side you have the official iPhone Unlock method. Now, this is an online service that requires no download, no install and no registration.

This service works only with the unique IMEI code that every mobile phone has, a valid email address and online payment method via a reliable service such as PayPal.

On top of that, the unlock delivery time is around 1-3 days business days maximum.

Official steps for iCloud Activation Unlock

With iCloud Activation unlock you have the chance to remove the activation lock which prevents you from normally using your iCloud account. Next, we will explain in a simplified process how to unlock the iCloud Activation lock on any iPhone or iPad.

  1. In order to remove the lock on your device, it is required that you visit our iPhone Unlock site. Then, click on “iCloud Unlock” to proceed with the bypass of the iCloud Activation. (remember to write down the IMEI code)
  2. The interface of the site will show you a several type of devices which can be iCloud Unlocked. In the adequate field, enter your handset type and enter its IMEI code. Next, click on “Add to Cart”
  3. Proceed next by adding your email in the “Add email” field. Enter the mail address you intend to use and tap on the “Continue” button.
  4. It is possible to place order for several devices at once, so in case you have more than one, add them by clicking on the tab “Add more unlocks to your cart”. Next, tap on “Continue”.

Finishing the unlock order and payment process

  • In order to finish the unlock order you will need to choose your payment method. From the given options you can select the method which suits your preferences the best and initiate the transaction.
  • Do not be worried about this because we use an extremely secure and encrypted by NochEX protection.

Confirm the iCloud Unlock

  • After your payment is submitted, we will send you and email to inform you about this. In addition, you will also be provided with data on how long it will take till the unlock order is processed. The standard timeframe for these types of orders is around 1-3 days. Once the allocated time is elapsed, you will be sent an email to inform you that the iCloud activation Lock has been successfully bypassed.

So, there is little doubt that the service which we recommend is one of the best available. There are no tech skills required to make the order, and there is no need to wait a long time to get the bypass activation lock.

In addition, this service is really cheap and affordable in comparison to the rest, so all in all we can say that you have the complete package available right here in one place.

We offer you an iCloud Unlock solution for any iPhone model with lifelong guarantee.

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