Logitech Launches A New Wireless Charger For iPhones


Wireless chargers are very popular these days. The more we remain hooked to our smartphones, the more is the need to charge the phones. There is no dearth of wireless charging units in the market for other ecosystems, but for Apple users, the options are not ample. Here is a new addition to this, the new POWERED wireless charger by Logitech. Apple Airpower is the official wireless charger by the company, but you have to wait for it to arrive. If you are really in need of a charger, then this device from Logitech will serve your purposes.

The device is compatible to all current generation iPhones. POWERED will enable users to use your device to use in both landscape and portrait mode while the wireless charger is charging the phone. This is one of a kind of the technology. Powered comes with a U-shaped cradle that holds your phone so you can use it without having to hold it. This is another interesting aspect of the charger. POWERED provides seamless charging even if the iPhone is in a protective case. The cover can be maximum up to three millimeters thick.

POWERED is Qi wireless charger and it works with other smartphones having the same technology. The device is optimized primarily for iPhones. Hence, it might not function as satisfactory as expected. While the iPhones will get 7.5W charging from the charger, other phones will be limited to 5W.
The Logitech POWERED wireless charger will be available for sale from the later half of this month for $69.99 on Logitech’s own website or in Apple stores.

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