Looking For the Best Hidden SMS Tracker For iPhone?

With the raging popularity of mobile phones all over the world today, it is hard to come across a person who does not own one. And with the variety of lucrative offers and packs that have been launched by mobile service providers, SMS are now totally free for most of us. So we never have to think twice before sending an SMS today. A recent survey has revealed that there are more than a whopping 560 billion SMSs that are sent each month all over the world.

And it is also no longer a matter of surprise that kids also find it easily accessible nowadays. But with the unfortunate rise in criminal activities today, it becomes really important to be able to monitor mobile phones and their various applications.

You must have heard about mobile phone trackers being used to track down criminals? Well, SMS trackers are equally important when it comes to tracking text messages that are sent and received.

hidden sms tracker

What is an SMS Tracker?

An SMS tracking application like Phonty is the perfect solution for you to keep tabs on the text messages that flow in and out of a mobile phone. Phonty’s SMS tracker for iPhone allows you to track text messages on a remote mobile device, and you can use it both for your professional as well as personal requirements.

What are the features?

This amazing SMS tracker from Phonty is loaded with the most exciting features. Let us take a look at all that is there on offer.

  • You can fetch the full details about every message that is sent and received on a remote mobile device
  • It allows you to get specific information about the sender and recipient  
  • You can read text messages too using this Phonty SMS tracker
  • You can set the time and date while tracking any text message
  • It comes with a control panel that lets you access all necessary information  

What are its advantages?

Phonty’s sms tracker for iPhone comes with loads of advantages. Here we shall take a look at some of the major practical advantages of using this text message tracker.

  • Protect your kids

With the rise in incidents like bullying, child molestation and cyber crimes, it becomes the task of every parent to closely monitor their kids’ activities. Children are the most vulnerable targets of selfish, unscrupulous people, and it becomes even more convenient for them to reach kids who have mobile phones. Being able to track the SMS on your kids’ phones will let you have that peace of mind that your little one is safe.  

  • Save your relationships

Infidelity in relationships was never uncommon. But nowadays, with smart SMS trackers you can detect it very early and work to solve it. If you have the slightest hunch that your partner is cheating on you, you need to download an SMS tracker that allows you to remotely monitor their mobile phones. And who knows, you can save your relationship from turning sour.

  • Enforce productivity at workplace

Many entrepreneurs have also started using SMS trackers to ensure optimum productivity of their employees. If you too want to enforce a healthy and productive work environment among your employees, then being able to track their SMS using software can be quite effective.


Phonty’s SMS tracking software is bound to become an instant hit with you. You can use this application not only as a hidden SMS tracker but also as a phone recorder as well as personal helper.

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