Meta, Formerly Facebook Earns Worst Company Of The Year Title

Yahoo! Finance holds several surveys on various company’s and publish the results of “Company of the Year” and “Worst Company of the year” every year in the month of December. The parameters which decide the company of the year, are market performance and relevant achievements in that particular year. So this year, that is in 2021, the title for “Company of the year” goes to Microsoft for reaching the $2 trillion market capitalization mark and witnessing a 53% surge in its stock price as of Dec. 16, 2021.

Yahoo! Finance also chooses the “Worst Company of the year” which accounts for the maximum grievances and complaints from audience against that particular company. This title goes to Meta, formerly known as Facebook. According to survey conducted on 1541 respondents, Meta has disappointed them the most. Sudden decision to change the company name is one of the many reasons, why users are not very pleased.

This result came from an open-ended survey, which was posted on Yahoo! Finance on December 4 and December 5. Several names were submitted and among all names, Facebook received 8% of the write-in vote. Other than change in company’s name, Facebook, it is “under the antitrust microscope and faced a flurry of allegations from a whistleblower claiming Facebook ignored safety issues for the sake of growth. Congress is constantly demanding answers from the company on both fronts. At the same time, some critics, including conservatives, say Facebook over-policed the platform’s speech and stifled their voices. Other critics, including those on the left side of the aisle, claim Facebook allows the spread of misinformation.”

Another reason for users’ disappointment is Facebook’s indifference towards misinformation shared over this platform, as well as, posts that go against Facebook’s community guidelines. Even after repeated report, the posts are not scanned manually.

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