How To Fix Google Calendar HTTP 500 Error?

Google Calendar is an extremely important application for professionals and students. Google Calendar syncs itself with your daily to-do lists, meetings and calls, so that you don’t miss out any meeting or call. Google has a plethora of applications and Google Calendar is one of them. The most important part is that you need a single Google email account to access all these features. 

Sometimes, users may encounter HTTP 500 error. It is actually a very generic error but it is an issue on the server side. So most of the times, the users don’t have anything to do with it, other than waiting for the server to fix the bug on its end. Sometimes, Http 500 error may be a problem with the browser or router configuration. But majority of times, it is the problem with the website that you are accessing. 

Check Google Calendar Performance Status

Google Calendar is also an online platform. Thus, it may suffer outage, or server down issues. If you are getting HTTP 500 error, you can check if is only you who is facing, or if there are others in your team. For that, you can Google Workspace Status Dashboard. Here you will get information on the performance status of various Google Services. Other than this, check the Google Calendar Twitter handle and see if there is any global or regional outage reported.

Use Incognito Mode

If you have logged in to multiple Google account, then you may face difficulty in connecting to Google Calendar. So, open Google browser, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the app screen. Select Incognito tab. If using Windows PC, you can open an incognito window with the Ctrl+Shift+N keyboard shortcut. Visit Google Calendar and sign in with your Google account when prompted.

Clear Browser Cookies

This is also an important tip for fixing the 500 error issue on Google Calendar. Your web browser stores cookies and deleting then periodically may remove any outdated buggy cookies.

That’s all. Hope these tips will solve your problem.

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